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DeVilbiss Cobra 1 Operation Manual

Automatic spray gun
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Operation Manual
Cobra 1 – Automatic Spray Gun
P 1 – 12



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  Summary of Contents for DeVilbiss Cobra 1

  • Page 1 SB-E-2-CBA1 ISS.01 Operation Manual Cobra 1 – Automatic Spray Gun P 1 – 12...
  • Page 2 This automatic spray gun complies to ATEX regulations 94/9/EC, protection level II 2 G X, suitable to use in Zones 1 & 2. This Cobra 1 is a production spray gun suitable for use with automatic and semi-automatic machine in conventional, HVLP or Trans-Tech application.
  • Page 3: Safety Warnings

    SAFETY WARNINGS Fire and explosion Solvents and coating materials can be highly flammable or combustible when sprayed. ALWAYS refer to the coating material supplier’s instructions and COSHH sheets before using this equipment. Users must comply with all local and national codes of practice and insurance company requirements governing ventilation, fire precautions, operation and house-keeping of working areas.
  • Page 5 Ø 0,5 / 0,7 / 1,0 for Air cap 590 SP-623-K5 Air separator ring, kit of 5 S-14192-K4 Screw M4 x 25 kit of 4 Torx 20 SPA-40 Spray head for Cobra 1 SPA-41 Packing seal SPA-10 Sealing washer Gasket kit of 10...
  • Page 6 AIR CAP CHART AVAILABLE Air Flow Inlet Fluid Flow Pattern Air cap Type (L / min) Pressure (ml / min) size (mm) (bar) SP-100-430-K Conventional 200 - 280 SP-100-443-K Conventional 200 - 300 SP-100-497-K Conventional 200 - 600 SP-100-505-K H V L P 130 –...
  • Page 7: Installation

    INSTALLATION Important : To ensure that this equipment reaches you in first class condition, protective coatings have been used. Flush the equipment through with appropriate solvent before use. Fix the spray gun using mounting stem ref.28 and secure it with nut ref.29. HOSES Use separate filtered regulated air supplies for atomizing and cylinder air.
  • Page 8: Preventive Maintenance

    The spray pattern will give the best results when perpendicular to the target. The recommended spray distance is 150-220 mm (6’’ to 8’’). Spray edges first. Overlap each stroke a minimum of 50%. Move gun at a constant speed. Always turn off air and fluid supply and relieve pressure and clean down when gun is not in us. PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE Turn off air and coating supply and relieve pressure in the supply lines, or disconnect from airline and fluid line.
  • Page 9 Fan & Atom air valve (13) Before assembling, check the air valve is in fully open position by unscrewing it counter-clockwise. Piston (15), O ring (16) & (14) Unscrew the rear housing (19) at the back of the gun body counter clockwise, pull out the needle (18).
  • Page 10 OPTIONS Spray gun without needle adjustment Part number: SPA-7-K This kit includes the back piece and washer to replace the part items 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, on the exploded view. Spray gun with “Atom” & “fan” remote control Parts number: SPA-22-K2 This includes 2 connectors taking place of the two 2 air valves (13) on the exploded view.
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