Operation Manual
Cobra 2 – Automatic Spray Gun


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Summary of Contents for DeVilbiss Cobra 2

  • Page 1 SB-E-2-CBA2 ISS.09 Operation Manual Cobra 2 – Automatic Spray Gun...
  • Page 2 HVLP or Trans-Tech applications. Cobra 2 has a ¼ turn Quick detachable device, so to reduce maintenance & set up time (SMED). To handle a wide range of coating materials the fluid passages are manufactured from high grade stainless steel.
  • Page 3: Safety Warnings

    SAFETY WARNINGS Fire and explosion Solvents and coating materials can be highly flammable or combustible when sprayed. ALWAYS refer to the coating material supplier’s instructions and COSHH sheets before using this equipment. Users must comply with all local and national codes of practice and insurance company requirements governing ventilation, fire precautions, operation and house-keeping of working areas.
  • Page 4 LIST OF SPARE PARTS Description See chart and reference above. SP-100-xxx-K Air cap with retaining ring, seals. Fluid tip with air separator seal SP-247S-xx-K Ø 2,2 / 2,8 for Air cap 470 SP-200S-xx-K Ø 0,6 / 0,85 / 1,0 / 1,2 / 1,4 / 1,6 /1,8 / 2,2 / 2,8 SP-259S-xx-K Ø...
  • Page 5 Patent No WO 6006055 EP 17868788...
  • Page 6 OPTIONAL SPARE PARTS AIR CAP CHART AVAILABLE At Inlet Air Flow Fluid Flow Pattern size Air cap Type Pressure (L / min) (ml / min) (mm) (bar) SP-100-430-K Conventional 200 - 280 SP-100-443-K Conventional 200 - 300 SP-100-470-K Conventional 500 - 1800 SP-100-497-K Conventional 200 - 600...
  • Page 7 Model Part Number CBA2 – – 12 - [FPG] Type of gun – Air Cap – Ø Tip - [options] Options F – No Needle Adjustment (26) P – No airflow valves (13). Fitted with plugs (32) G – Gun only No manifold (27) Type of Gun CBA2 –...
  • Page 8 INSTALLATION HOSING : Use separate filtered regulated air supplies for atomizing and cylinder air. Connect all the air and fluid hoses at the back of the plate (1/8” BSP): (See figure) - Cylinder air ‘C = Cyl’ via a control valve. For fast cylinder operation the control valve should be fitted as close to the gun as possible or an additional quick exhaust valve installed in the line.
  • Page 9 If the finish is too wet, turn the ratchet knob (25) in clockwise to reduce the fluid flow, or reduce the fluid pressure. If the atomization is too coarse, increase inlet air pressure, or reduce fluid flow. The pattern size can be reduced by turning adjusting valve FAN (13) clockwise.
  • Page 10 Fan & Atom air valve (13) Before assembling, check the air valve is in fully open position by unscrewing it counter-clockwise. Piston (15), o ring (16, 14 15c& 15d) Unscrew the rear housing (19) at the back of the gun body counter clockwise, pull out the needle (18).
  • Page 12 ITW Finishing Systems and Products Ringwood Road, Bournemouth, BH11 9LH, England. Tel. No. (01202) 571111 Telefax No. (01202) 581940, Website address ITW Finishing Systems and Products is a Division of ITW Ltd. Reg. Office: Admiral House, St Leonard’s Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 3BL,...

Table of Contents