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Variable torque adjustable speed drive, high performance adjustable speed drive quiet asd series, metasys n2 communictaions interface
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1. Interface Board Installation / Removal
The EIII inverter does not require any additional hardware components other than the
Metasys N2 communications interface board in order to connect to and communicate
with the N2 network. This portion of the manual will detail the procedure used to install
and remove the interface board. If at any time you experience problems during the
installation / removal process, please call Toshiba International Corporation for

1.1 Installation Procedure

Installation of the Metasys N2 interface board into a EIII inverter should only be
performed by a qualified technician familiar with the maintenance and operation of the
EIII. To install the interface board, perform the following procedure:
been turned OFF and are locked and tagged out.
capacitors to discharge before proceeding to the next step. Do not touch any
internal parts with power applied to the inverter, or for at least 5 minutes
after power to the inverter has been removed. A hazard exists temporarily
for electrical shock even if the source power has been removed.
Remove the inverter's cover (open the door on units with hinged doors).
Verify that the CHARGE LED has gone out before continuing the installation
4. Loosen the 4 screws attaching the EIII's operation panel support bracket to the
control board support bracket, and then remove the operation panel and support
bracket as a unit (refer to Figure 1).
5. Install the 4 nylon standoffs into the holes provided in the control board support
bracket (refer to Figure 2).
6. Install the N2 network cable through the access holes at the bottom of the inverter
and route the cable in order to make connections to the interface board connector
(TB1). Take care to not route the cable near any sharp edges or in positions
where it may be pinched.
Verify that all input power sources to the inverter have
Wait at least 5 minutes for the inverter's electrolytic

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents