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6. N2 Interface Configuration

6.1 N2 Network Connections
Each EIII Metasys N2 interface board can be directly connected to the N2 bus by using
twisted-pair cable connected as shown in Figure 4. Connect the N2+ wire to terminal
"A", the N2- wire to terminal "B", and the cable shield to terminal "SHIELD" on the
interface board's TB1 terminal block. Continue this connection scheme throughout
the remainder of the network. Always connect each unit in a daisy-chain fashion,
without drop lines, star configurations, etc. For further N2 network wiring
requirements and procedures, please refer to the appropriate Johnson Controls
network installation documentation.
N2 Network
6.2 Hardware Configuration
Other than installing the interface board and connecting the N2 network cable, the only
other hardware configuration required is whether or not to terminate the N2 network at
each individual interface board. A jumper on the interface board (labeled "JP1")
determines whether or not the N2 network is terminated at the interface board
(termination is 121Ω resistor). Only the 2 devices at the extreme ends of the Metasys
N2 network should have JP1 set to "TERM". All other devices should have JP1 set to
The 8-position DIP switch (labeled SW1) located on the right-hand side of the
interface board is not used, and its switch settings are therefore irrelevant.
twisted-pair shielded cable
Figure 4. N2 Bus Cable Connection
EIII N2 Interface
TB1 Terminals

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents