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Variable torque adjustable speed drive, high performance adjustable speed drive quiet asd series, metasys n2 communictaions interface
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CAUTION! The Metasys N2 interface board is a static-sensitive device.
Standard electrostatic-sensitive component handling precautions should be
observed. Connect the N2 bus cable to the interface board connector (TB1). For
more information on making connections to the N2 bus, refer to section 6.1 on
page 13.
CAUTION! Extremely high voltages exist in the area near the interface board
and connector (TB1) once installed in the EIII. Ensure that no stray wires (such as
the shield on the N2 bus cable) come into contact with any internal inverter
components. Also ensure that the N2 bus cable is not routed in such a manner
that it may come into contact with high-voltage inverter components, or inverter
components that may heat up during operation and damage the cable insulation.
8. Install the interface board into the inverter by carefully aligning the 4 nylon standoffs
with the 4 mounting holes provided in the interface board. Ensure that connector
CN5A on the back side of the interface board is aligned with connector CN5 on the
front side of the control board.
9. Press the interface board firmly onto the standoffs and connector CN5 until the
standoff retaining tabs lock. Ensure that CN5 and CN5A are thoroughly
10. Carefully re-install the operation panel and support bracket and tighten the 4
screws that attach the operation panel support bracket to the control board
support bracket.
11. Reinstall the inverter's cover (close and latch the door on units with hinged doors).
cabinet door open.
12. Turn all power sources to the inverter unit ON, and verify that the inverter functions
properly. If the inverter unit does not appear to power up, or does not function
properly, immediately turn power OFF. Repeat steps 1 ∼ 3 to remove all power
from the inverter. Then, verify all connections. Contact Toshiba International
Corporation for assistance if the problem persists.
Do not operate the unit with the cover off /

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents