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Variable torque adjustable speed drive, high performance adjustable speed drive quiet asd series, metasys n2 communictaions interface
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Usage Precautions

Operating Environment

Please use the communications interface only when the ambient temperature of the
inverter unit into which the interface is installed is within the following specified
temperature limits:
Operation: -10 ∼ +40°C (+14 ∼ +104°F)
-25 ∼ +65°C (-13 ∼ +149°F)
Avoid installation locations that may be subjected to large shocks or vibrations.
Avoid installation locations that may be subjected to rapid changes in temperature or
Installation • Wiring
Do not touch charged parts such as the terminal block while the inverter's CHARGE
lamp is lit. A charge will still be present in the inverter unit's internal electrolytic
capacitors, and therefore touching these areas may result in an electrical shock.
Always turn all inverter input power supplies OFF, and wait at least 5 minutes after the
CHARGE lamp has gone out before wiring the communication cables or motor wiring.
When installing the communications interface into the inverter and making wiring
connections, make certain that no clippings or wiring leads that could cause device
failure fall into the inverter or onto electronic components.
Proper ground connections are vital for both safety and signal reliability reasons. For
proper grounding procedures, please refer to the section in this manual pertaining to
grounding (section 2).
Route the communication cables separate from the inverter input/output power wiring.
To avoid the possibility of electric shock due to leakage currents, always ground the
inverter unit's E/GND terminal and the motor. To avoid misoperation, do not connect the
communication interface's SHIELD terminal to either of the above-mentioned grounds or
any other power ground.

Other Precautions

The inverter's EEPROM has a life span of 10,000 write cycles. Do not write to BO #9,
BO #10, or AO #2 ∼ AO #13 more than 10,000 times.
Do not touch or insert a rod or any other item into the inverter while power is applied, as
this may lead to electrical shock or inverter damage.
Commission the disposal of the communications interface to a specialist.
Do not assign the same address to more than one inverter in the same network.
Individual device addresses can be set from 1 ∼ 255. Address 0 is invalid and will cause
the inverter to trip "Err8" (communication interface card error).
When the inverter's control power supply is turned on, the inverter performs initialization
functions for approximately 3 seconds, during which communications capabilities are
disabled. Communications capabilities will also be disabled for approximately 3 seconds
after momentary control power supply outages or inverter resets.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents