Maintenance And Inspection - Toshiba E3 Manual

Variable torque adjustable speed drive, high performance adjustable speed drive quiet asd series, metasys n2 communictaions interface
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4. Maintenance And Inspection

Preventive maintenance and inspection is required to maintain the Metasys N2
communications interface in its optimal condition, and to ensure a long operational
lifetime. Depending on usage and operating conditions, perform a periodic inspection
once every three to six months. Before starting inspections, always turn off all power
supplies to the inverter unit, and wait at least five minutes after the inverter's
"CHARGE" lamp has gone out.
to the inverter, or for at least 5 minutes after power to the inverter has been
removed. A hazard exists temporarily for electrical shock even if the source
power has been removed.
Inspection Points
Check that the wiring terminal screws are not loose. Tighten if necessary.
Check that there are no defects in any wire terminal crimp points. Visually check
that the crimp points are not scarred by overheating.
Visually check the wiring and cables for damage.
Clean off any accumulated dust and dirt. Place special emphasis on cleaning all
installed PCBs and the ventilation ports of the inverter. Always keep these areas
clean, as adherence of dust and dirt can cause premature component failure.
If use of the inverter unit is discontinued for extended periods of time, turn the
power on at least once every two years and confirm that the unit still functions
Do not perform hi-pot tests on the inverter or Metasys N2 interface board, as they
may damage the unit's internal components.
Please pay close attention to all periodic inspection points and maintain a good
operating environment.
Do not touch any internal parts with power applied

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents