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SkyStream TWO User Manual page 9

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This section will give you the ability to turn on Captions. However
many apps and videos do not support this feature. We have no
control over what apps support this feature.
Droid Settings – This is another section of Settings that Android has
developed in addition to the standard settings. We will go over the
features within Droid Settings below.
Screen Resolution – The SkyStream TWO will automatically detect
the best resolution for your TV. There is no reason to change
anything in this section. Doing so may make the unit unable to
display on your TV and will require a factory reset.
Screen Position – This section will allow you to zoom in our out to
make the display of the unit fit your TV. After finding the right
amount of zoom that fits your TV, press the back button on your
remote to lock in the setting.
HDR to SDR & SDR to HDR – These settings will be automatically set
properly by the device for your TV. There is no reason to change any
settings in either of these sections.
HDMI CEC – This section has controls for CEC controls. If you are not
familiar with HDMI CEC please do not change any settings in this
section. You can research CEC controls and your TV's CEC
functionality if you would like to. But the average user will have no
use for this option.

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