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SkyStream TWO User Manual page 14

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My Media Center screen is small and on the left of my TV
You accidentally hit the \ key on your remote or keyboard. You are
in what is called Windowed Mode. To get back to the full screen
mode, simply press the \ back button once and you will be in full
screen mode.
1. Make sure your volume is turned up on your TV or sound
2. Press the volume up button your Skystream remote, Airmouse
or Keyboard.
3. If neither of those work, try pressing the mute button on your
4. If none of those worked press the F8 on your keyboard. This is
the mute button in the Media Center.
The audio is ahead or behind of the video
This can happen on certain links. Honestly the best way to remedy
this is to exit that stream and choose a different one.
But you can adjust the Audio Offset and try to make the audio and
video sync up better.
Airmouse Remote or Keyboard – Press the A button. You will see an
audio offset pop up at the top of the screen. Press the left or right
buttons to move the audio forward or backwards. Give the stream a
second to adjust before adjusting again.
I have no sound in the Media Center

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