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How To Add And Remove Apps From The Bottom Row - SkyStream TWO User Manual

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Sling TV – Sling TV is a live TV application that requires a paid
subscription to use. You can visit for more information on
their different packages.
YouTube – YouTube is a video streaming application owned by
Google. There is an endless amount of content in this application.
All Apps (Home Screen Section)
Clicking on All Apps will bring you to a screen that will show you all
of the apps that are installed on the SkyStream TWO.
How to add and remove apps from the bottom row of apps on the
unit's home screen.
Click on the plus sign on the right side of the row or apps. A fold will
open from the bottom of the screen that shows two rows of apps.
You can click down to see the other apps that are installed.
To remove an app find the app that you want to remove. It will have
a green check mark. Click on the app to remove the check mark.
Press the back button and the app will be removed.
To add an app find the app you want to add. Click on the app and
make sure the green check mark appears. Press the back button and
the app will be added.
Note – You can only have 10 apps shown on the bottom row of apps.
If you try to add more than 10 you will get a pop up telling that there
is no space for the app.

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