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SkyStream TWO User Manual page 15

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Stock Remote – Press the Select button on the remote to bring up
the status bar. Press the right button to move the selected button to
the speaker / sound icon and click on it. A large pop up will appear.
Click down to Audio Offset and click on it. Now a smaller pop will
appear. Press the left or right buttons to move the audio forward or
backwards. Give the stream a second to adjust before adjusting
Links that ask you to Pair
Certain link sources will ask you to pair in order to be able to view
their stream. The easiest way to not have to pair to watch a link
source is to simply choose another link.
However if you want to pair and watch that particular stream it is
actually pretty easy. Use another device such as a phone, tablet or
computer. Type in the website address that is listed on your TV
screen and click enter. The website will have a button somewhere
that says pair device. Click that button and your stream should begin
playing on your TV. Please note that the pairing on most websites is
normally only good for 4 hours.

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