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Media Center Troubleshooting - SkyStream TWO User Manual

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Media Center Troubleshooting

How to stop a link that is working for a long time
The X button on the Airmouse Remote can be used to stop a link if it
is stuck "working." Please note that while this normally works, there
are times when it will not work and you will have to wait until the
link connects or fails to connect.
How to get the status bar to disappear faster while watching a
Airmouse Remote – To get rid of the status bar that appears when
you first start a stream, simply press the cursor lock button and then
the back button. This will make the status bar go away.
Stock Remote – Simply press the back button once.
I get a black screen when I open the Media Center
This can happen if you do not close the Media Center properly by
clicking on the power icon at the bottom left of the screen and
letting the program close on its own. To fix the black screen, press
the home button on your remote, click on settings, click on apps,
scroll over down to Media Center and click on it. DO NOT CLICK ON
CLEAR DATA!!! Doing this will delete all of your applications,
favorites, accounts and anything else you have set up in the
program. Click on clear cache. Then click on force stop. Now press
the home button your remote and open up the program again. It will
do a first run and then will open to the home screen.

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