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SkyStream TWO User Manual page 20

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IMPORTANT – The Media Center is the only media center that we
support on the SkyStream TWO. We do not support any other
Media Center applications as they may not work. Please do not
install other Media Center programs to replace the Media Center!
IMPORTANT – You MUST run the Updater App prior to using the
Media Center application. Please refer to the Quick Start Guide for
instructions on how to run the Updater App.
IMPORTANT – All of the settings in the Media Center have been
optimized for your SkyStream TWO. Please do not modify any
settings within the Media Center.
IMPORTANT – All of the applications within the Media Center app
are developed and maintained by third party developers that have
no affiliation with SkyStream. Certain applications can go down
from time to time. SkyStream has no control over these
applications and cannot fix them. Most applications are fixed
quickly by the developer, but as we have no affiliation with any
developers we have no way to provide timelines for fixes. If an
application is not working, use a different application in that
section of the Media Center and check the non-working application
every other day to see if the developer has fixed it yet.
IMPORTANT – Skystream does not condone using any applications
to facilitate watching copy written material. The Skystream TWO
was designed to allow the user to watch legal content through
official applications that may require a subscription.

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