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SkyStream TWO User Manual page 8

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This section will give you information about your SkyStream TWO.
You can also restart the device from this section.
Date & Time
Automatic date & time – (Recommended) Turn this setting on will
use your internet connections date and time for the device. Turning
this option off will allow you to manually enter your date and time.
Set time zone – This section will allow you to set the time based on
your specific time zone. The device is set to the US Eastern Time
Zone by default.
Use 24-hour format – This section will allow you to toggle between
12 hour time (AM/PM) to 24 hour time / military time.
This section will allow you to change the language that the device
shows. Please note that most app will show the language they were
built in.
The device only comes with one Keyboard option. There is no reason
to play with anything in this section.
This section is mainly for Phones. No reason to change anything in
this section.

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