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Home Screen Apps - SkyStream TWO User Manual

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Home Screen Apps

Chrome – This app is the default web browser.
Fast – This is a speed test app so you can see how much internet
speed is actually getting to the device. We recommend 10 Mbps or
Media Center – This is the default Media Player. (Do not forget to
run the Media Center Updater app to install all of the content
providing applications.)
Netflix – This is the official Netflix app. (Subscription Required)
Google Play – This is the unit's app store (Free Google Account
required). This is where you can download a huge amount of
Android apps and games.
Amazon Instant Video – This is the official Amazon Instant Video
App (Amazon Prime Subscription Required).
Quick Support – This application is used by our support team if we
need to log into your device to provide a fix or update something.
This app will
not do anything on its own. A customer support representative will
give you instructions on how to open this app if necessary.
Media Center Updater – This application is where you will install all
of the content providing applications to the Media Center. This is
also where you will go to update the Media Center when we push
out updates.

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