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Before Use; Initial Preparations; Preparing The Ink Cassette - Canon SELPHY CP1000 Getting Started

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Before Use

Images printed with this product are to be used for personal enjoyment. Unauthorized
printing of copyrighted material is prohibited.
For information on printer warranty or Canon Customer Support, please refer to the
warranty information provided with your printer User Manual Kit.
Although the LCD monitor is produced under extremely high-precision manufacturing
conditions and more than 99.99% of the pixels meet design specifications, in rare cases
some pixels may be defective or may appear as red or black dots. This does not indicate
damage. It also does not affect printed images.
The LCD monitor may be covered with a thin plastic film for protection against scratches
during shipment. If so, remove the film before use.

Initial Preparations

Prepare for printing as follows. This example shows a Postcard-size Color Ink / Paper Set
(sold separately), but the same steps are followed for other sizes.

Preparing the Ink Cassette

Ink sheet
Do not hold the ink cassette with wet hands. Avoid touching the ink sheet, and avoid
getting dust on it. Dirt or moisture may cause banding or affect print quality, tear ink
sheets and prevent printing, or damage the printer.
When turning the sprocket, turn it gently, only until the sheet is taut. Forcing the
sprocket or overtightening it may tear ink sheets and prevent printing, or SELPHY
may run out of ink before paper.
Never reuse ink cassettes, which may damage the printer or cause malfunction.
Check the ink cassette and ink sheet.
Holding the ink cassette without touching the ink sheet,
check the size (such as "Postcard Size" or "Card Size") to
make sure it matches the size of paper you will print on.
Make sure the ink sheet is taut. Loose ink sheets may
tear when loaded. If the sheet is loose, turn the sprocket
as shown.
For an ink cassette that has a lock on the bottom, press
the lock (as shown) to release it as you turn the sprocket
to make the sheet taut.



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