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Safety Precautions - Canon SELPHY CP1000 Getting Started

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Safety Precautions

Before using the product, please ensure that you read the safety precautions described
below. Always ensure that the product is used correctly.
The safety precautions noted on the following pages are intended to prevent injuries to
yourself and other persons, or damage to the equipment.
Be sure to also check the guides included with any separately sold accessories you use.
Store this equipment out of the reach of children and infants.
Mistakenly putting the power cord around a child's neck could result in asphyxiation.
Use only recommended power sources.
Do not attempt to disassemble, alter, or apply heat to the product.
Avoid dropping or subjecting the product to severe impacts.
To avoid the risk of injury, do not touch the interior of the product if it has been
dropped or otherwise damaged.
Stop using the product immediately if it emits smoke, a strange smell, or otherwise
behaves abnormally.
Do not use organic solvents such as alcohol, benzine, or thinner to clean the
Do not let the product come into contact with water (e.g. sea water) or other liquids.
Do not allow liquids or foreign objects to enter the product.
This could result in electrical shock or fire.
If liquid comes into contact with the product, unplug it from the outlet and consult your
retailer or a Canon Customer Support Help Desk.
Do not touch the printer or the power plug during thunderstorms.
This could result in electrical shock or fire. Immediately stop using the equipment and
distance yourself from it.
Unplug the power cord periodically, and using a dry cloth, wipe away any dust
or dirt that has collected on the plug, the exterior of the power outlet, and the
surrounding area.
Do not handle the power cord with wet hands.
Do not use the equipment in a manner that exceeds the rated capacity of the electrical
outlet or wiring accessories. Do not use if the power cord or plug are damaged, or not
fully plugged into the outlet.
Do not allow dirt or metal objects (such as pins or keys) to contact the terminals or
Do not cut, damage, alter, or place heavy items on the power cord.
This could result in electrical shock or fire.
If a CD-ROM is supplied, do not play it in any CD player that does not support data
It is possible to suffer hearing loss from listening with headphones to the loud sounds of a
CD-ROM played on a music CD player. Additionally, playing the CD-ROM(s) in an audio CD
player (music player) could damage the speakers.
Denotes the possibility of serious injury or death.



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