Sanyo FXD-MP900 Operating Instructions Manual
Sanyo FXD-MP900 Operating Instructions Manual

Sanyo FXD-MP900 Operating Instructions Manual

Full panel detachable fm stereo/mw receiver compact disc/mp3-cd player with cd changer controller with remote controller iso mounting with removable trim ring


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Full Panel Detachable
FM Stereo/MW Receiver
Compact Disc/MP3-CD Player
With CD Changer Controller
With Remote Controller
ISO Mounting with Removable Trim Ring
OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1~33
LIBRITO DE INSTRUCCIONES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34~66


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Summary of Contents for Sanyo FXD-MP900

  • Page 1 FXD-MP900 Full Panel Detachable FM Stereo/MW Receiver Compact Disc/MP3-CD Player With CD Changer Controller With Remote Controller ISO Mounting with Removable Trim Ring (English) OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ....1~33 (Español)
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    If servicing is required, return the unit to an authorized SANYO mobile audio dealer. • Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure. • Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Sanyo may void the user's authority to operate this equipment.
  • Page 4: Compact Disc Care

    COMPACT DISC CARE Dirt, dust, scratches and warpage can cause a deterioration in the sound or intermittent skipping some tracks during play. • This unit has been designed to play compact discs bearing the identification logo shown on the left . Discs bearing other types of identification logos may not play properly.
  • Page 5 • Never use chemicals such as record cleaning sprays, antistatic sprays or fluids, benzene or thinner to clean compact discs. These chemicals will permanently damage the plastic surface of the disc. • When not using the disc player for extended periods, remove the compact disc and return it to Benzene Thinner Cleaning spray the plastic storage case.
  • Page 6: Remote Controller

    REMOTE CONTROLLER REMOTE CONTROLLER OPERATION PRESET (+) Button BAND Button Radio mode: CD Button Change reception band Select a registered station AUX Button Change to CD mode CD-CH mode: Change to Switch between CD and DISC change CD-CH when CD CHANGER AUX mode MP3 mode: SCN Button...
  • Page 7: Battery Installation

    BATTERY INSTALLATION Install a lithium battery (CR2025) with the poles facing the correct direction. Positive pole faces upward. BATTERY REPLACEMENT TIMING When battery power is depleted, the buttons may not be operable. If the remote controller does not operate, replace the battery and check the operation. CAUTIONS REGARDING BATTERY Be sure to follow the instructions to prevent battery leakage, over-heating, ignition, or explosion.
  • Page 8: Digital Display

    DIGITAL DISPLAY Level Indicator (R) Level Indicator (L) Repeat BASS CD play Play Play mode Changer Folder Shaffle Scan Play Play Play Sound mode Disc Auto Travel Disc in Radio Frequency, Time, Play Preset Channel, CD Track Number, Level Indicator DISC Number Audio Control Selection, Error Signs, CD Operation,...
  • Page 9: Detachable Front Panel

    DETACHABLE FRONT PANEL The front panel is designed to be removable for antitheft purposes. It is recommended that you remove and carry the front panel with you when you leave your car. A carrying case is provided with the unit for this purpose. RELEASE KNOB HOW TO DETACH THE FRONT PANEL Press the release knob (REL) to release the front panel.
  • Page 10: General Operation

    GENERAL OPERATION ........1 TURNING THE POWER ON Install the front panel and press the POWER button when ACC is on........1 TURNING THE POWER OFF Press the POWER button to stop the current operation. The button dims when the power is off (ACC on)..........
  • Page 11 ............3 BASSXPANDER Press the SND button for more than 1.5 second to switch ON/OFF of the BASS mode. When the BASS mode is on, “BASS ON” is displayed and the bass enhances......4 RADIO SELECTION BUTTON (BND) Press the BND button to switch from CD player mode to radio.
  • Page 12: Radio Operation

    RADIO OPERATION ........1 SELECTING RADIO MODE Press the BND button to switch from CD player or AUX mode to the radio. Each time the BND button is pressed, the selected band changes as shown below............2 RADIO TUNING •...
  • Page 13 ....4 ATP (AUTO TRAVEL PRESET) OPERATION The Auto Travel Preset function searches for and memorizes the 6 strongest stations in one of the two bands (FM, MW) in the order of signal strength. This feature is useful when you are driving in an unfamiliar location and want to memorize local stations without changing the standard preset stations.
  • Page 14: Cd Operation

    CD OPERATION 6 7 8 ......1, 2 LOADING AND EJECTING THE CD Insert a disc into the CD slot and the CD player will start playing. Press the eject button to eject a disc. CAUTION • If the unit is already loaded with a CD, please do not attempt to insert another disc, which may result in damage to both of the discs and the unit.
  • Page 15 ........... 4, 5 SKIPPING TRACKS Press the button to skip to the beginning of the next track. Press the button to skip to the beginning of the track currently playing. Press the button twice to skip to the beginning of the previous track. Press and hold the button for more than 0.5 seconds to search quickly (with sound) in the forward or reverse direction.
  • Page 16: Cd Changer Operation

    CD CHANGER OPERATION The unit can be used to control the functions of the compatible sanyo CD changers. (If a CD changer switch is equipped, always set it to "1".) 6 7 8 ......1 SELECTING CD CHANGER MODE Press the CD/AUX button to switch from radio, AUX or CD player mode to CD changer mode.
  • Page 17 ............7 REPEAT MODE • Repeat tracks ........Press the RPT button to play the current track repeatedly. The RPT indicator lights. • Repeat discs ......... Press the RPT button for more than 1.5 seconds to play the current disc repeatedly. The D RPT indicator lights. To cancel the track repeat or disc repeat mode, press the RPT button again, press the DISC + or - button or eject the magazine.
  • Page 18: Before Playing An Mp3 Disc

    BEFORE PLAYING AN MP3 DISC ABOUT MP3 This unit can play an MP3 file format written into a CD-RW (rewritable) disc, CD-ROM and CD-R (recordable). However, the files and media that can be used are limited, only after thoroughly reading the contents below write MP3 files to a disc, and the instruction manuals regarding proper use of your CD-R/RW drive and recording software.
  • Page 19 DISC RECORDING SYSTEM This unit is not compatible with packet writing methods. The following three methods are used to record data (file) to disc, however, please be aware that this unit is not compatible with “packet writing methods.” This unit plays discs recorded using “Disc-At-Once” and “Track-At-Once” methods. 1.
  • Page 20 PLAYING LIMITATIONS The number of tracks and folders that can be played on one disc is as follows: • Tracks: 250 depending on file contents Folders: 250 maximum depending on the number of tracks However, the total number of folders + total tracks=512 Also, there is no limit to the folder levels.
  • Page 21 MP3 RECORD FORMAT COMPATIBILITY LIST File name Folder name Maximum number Recording format Character type folder levels Maximum number of characters Maximum number of characters Alphanumeric characters ISO9660 Level 1 (uppercase) Underscore (File name) Alphanumeric characters ISO9660 Level 2 (uppercase) Underscore Incompatible ISO9660 Level 3 Incompatible...
  • Page 22 ORDER TO PLAY AN MP3 FOLDER / MP3 FILE Hierarchy 1 Hierarchy 2 Hierarchy 3 Hierarchy 4 Hierarchy 5 Hierarchy 6 ROOT ROOT Root フォルダ Folder (グループ) (group) MP3ファイル MP3 file (トラック) (track) • Root refers to the folder at the top of an MP3 disc level that is currently open. •...
  • Page 23: Listtening To An Mp3 Disc

    LISTTENING TO AN MP3 DISC 6 7 5 ..........1 PLAYING AN MP3 DISC When the disc is inserted into the CD slot with the label side up, CD play starts. (When playing an MP3, “MP3” is displayed.) When listtening to the radio and a disc is already in the CD player, playing of the CD is started by pressing the CD play/auxilliary button (CD/AUX).
  • Page 24 Note Note When the track skip button is kept pressed down between files for fast-forward or fast- When the track skip button is kept pressed down between files for fast-forward or fast- reverse, the display may seem to stop for a moment, however, this is not a malfunction. reverse, the display may seem to stop for a moment, however, this is not a malfunction.
  • Page 25: Aux Operation

    AUX IN jack of this unit. Notes • Please consult with an authorized SANYO mobile audio dealer where this unit was bought for details about whether a given auxiliary audio source can be connected and the proper auxiliary cord to use.
  • Page 26: Error Signs

    ERROR SIGNS CD Player If a problem should occur while operating the built-in CD player, one of the following error signs may be displayed: Error Sign Cause Remedy Press the eject button. Turn the power off and then on again. Abnormal CD mechanism function.
  • Page 27: Clock

    CLOCK .......... 1 DISPLAY MODE CHANGE The display on the unit can be changed by pressing CLK button . Press the CLK button to switch between the clock and audio display. When a radio, CD function is performed while the time display is se- lected, the audio display will appear for 5 seconds, then the display will return to the time mode.
  • Page 28: Hints For Proper And Safe Operation

    Do not leave a disc partially ejected from the player. Servicing • Should a problem develop, do not open the unit or try to repair it yourself. If servicing is required, bring the unit to a Sanyo Authorized Service Center. -27-...
  • Page 29: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Sometimes a simple operational error or a mistake in the wiring can appear to be a problem with the unit. Before having the unit serviced, refer to the troubleshooting chart below. Symptom Cause Solution Another disc has already been The compact disc cannot be Remove the inserted disc.
  • Page 30: Accessories And Hardware

    ACCESSORIES AND HARDWARE Mounting Screw M5 Mounting Grommet Mounting Bracket (Half Sleeve) x 1 Unlock Levers Screw M2 x 6 Removable Trim Ring INSTALLATION 1. BEFORE INSTALLATION When mounting the unit in a car, keep the unit as level as possible. If the unit must be mounted at an angle, due to the design of the vehicle, make sure the unit does not tilt by more than 30°.
  • Page 31 2. ISO MOUNTING WITH REMOVABLE TRIM RING When mounting the unit into a DIN-standard cutout (182 × 53 mm) in the dashboard or console, attach the provided Removable Trim Ring to the unit. DASHBOARD OR CONSOLE 182 mm AUDIO UNIT 53 mm REMOVABLE TRIM RING 3.
  • Page 32: Unit Removal

    UNIT REMOVAL UNLOCK LEVERS UNLOCK LEVERS 1. Insert the unlock levers into the slots on each side of the unit until they click into place. Note Take care not to insert the levers upside down. 2. While pressing the levers downward, pull the levers to remove the audio unit. -31-...
  • Page 33: Electrical Connections

    ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS 1. ANTENNA SOCKET ANTENNA PLUG 4-speaker System 2-speaker System (White) (White) Front Left Left (White/Black) (White/Black) Speaker Speaker (Gray) (Gray) Front Right Right (Gray/Black) (Gray/Black) Speaker Speaker (Green) (Green) Rear Left Do Not (Green/Black) (Green/Black) Speaker Connect (Violet) (Violet) Rear Right Do Not...
  • Page 34: Line Out Connections

    CD Changer Rear Speaker Front Speaker CD Changer DIN Socket Connect the 8-pin DIN cable, which is supplied with the Sanyo CD changer, to the DIN socket on the back • of the unit. RCA Line-out Jacks (For Speakers) Connect a patch cable (not supplied) from the White (left channel) and Red (right channel) RCA line output •...
  • Page 35 SANYO Electric Co., Ltd Printed in China 1ED 6P10A 20900 REV.0...

Table of Contents