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Belling PBi60 Installation And User Instructions Manual

600mm induction hob
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600mm Induction Hob
You must read these instructions prior to using the
appliance and retain them for future reference.



  Summary of Contents for Belling PBi60

  • Page 1: Diagrams

    PBi60 600mm Induction Hob INSTALLATION AND USER INSTRUCTIONS You must read these instructions prior to using the appliance and retain them for future reference.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Use & Maintenance ......... . . 12 Belling Customer Care ....... . Back cover Please keep this handbook for future reference, or for anyone else who may use the appliance.
  • Page 3: Fig 1 Induction Diagram

    Fig 1 Pan with ferromagnetic base Glass-ceramic cooker top Magnetic field Spiral coil Electric circuit Current...
  • Page 6: Fig 6 Cleaning

    17mm We recommend that when you install this appliance - a minimum 17mm gap between hob base and appliance must be maintained.
  • Page 7: User Guide

    Technical Data Hob Details Element Type Rating (kW) Additional information Medium 2.3 induction Maximum load: 7.4kW @ 230 V Ratings based on : Small 1.4 induction 220 - 240 V ~ 50Hz Medium 2.3 induction Small 1.4 induction Hob Dimensions Width 580mm Depth...
  • Page 8: General

    GENERAL Carefully read the contents of this leaflet since it provides important instructions re- garding safety of installation, use and maintenance. All the operations relating to in- stallation (electrical connections) must be carried out by specialised personnel in conformity with the regulations in force. If you have any problems with any aspect of your hob, please check through these instructions thoroughly to make sure that you have not missed anything.
  • Page 9: Safety Warnings

    SAFETY WARNINGS This apparatus is not suitable for use by children or persons who need supervision. Do not allow children to play with the apparatus. Before using the induction cooker top it is important to check that the apparatus is compatible with anyone who has a pace- maker and active surgical implants.
  • Page 10: Installation Instructions

    This appliance conforms to the European Directive EC/2002/96, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). By making sure that this appliance is disposed of in a suitable manner, the user is helping to prevent potential damage to the environment or to public health. The symbol on the product or on the accompanying paperwork indicates that the appliance should not be treated as domestic waste, but should be delivered to a suitable electric and electronic appliance recycling collection point.
  • Page 11 ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS (Fig.2B) Before making the electrical connections, check that: the earth cable is 2 cm longer than the other cables; the system ratings meet the ratings indicated on the identification plate fixed on the lower part of the worktop; the system is fitted with efficient earthing compliant to the laws and regulations in force.
  • Page 12: Use & Maintenance

    USE AND MAINTENANCE A = ON/OFF button B = - button C = + button D = Cooking zone selection indicators E = Cooking zone display OPERATION (Fig. 2) If button A is selected, the hob switches on and flashing zeroes with decimal points will appear on all displays for 10 seconds.
  • Page 13 TIMER (Fig. 2) A Timer can be used simultaneously for each cooking zone. Select the desired cooking zone by pressing the corresponding C button. Next, select the desired power level using the + and - buttons. If the T (Timer) button is then pressed, "00"...
  • Page 14 HEAT UP FUNCTION (Fig. 2) The function heat up allows to set the maximum temperature for a limited period of time on the cooking zone, then the temperature decreases down to the selected value. To activate the Heat up function, select the cooking zone, set at 9 the temperature level, press again the key "+"...
  • Page 15: Belling Customer Care

    Enter appliance numbers here for future reference: Model No Serial No Please ensure you have the above details (Model No and Serial No) to hand when calling Belling Customer Care. They are essential to booking your call.
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