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Belling 60cm User Manual

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Users Guide & Installation
Belling 60 - 70 - 90cm
Hob Touch AU
Part No 082757402
Date 29.05.2012



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  Summary of Contents for Belling 60cm

  • Page 1 Users Guide & Installation Handbook Belling 60 - 70 - 90cm Hob Touch AU Part No 082757402 Date 29.05.2012...
  • Page 2: Important Notice

    CONTENTS & OUR WARRANTY CONTENTS Important Notice Please note there may be a cooling fan • SAFETY fi tted to this appliance. It is an integral • USING THE PRODUCT part of its safety and functionality. When the appliance is installed care must be •...
  • Page 3 SAFETY BEFORE USING THE PRODUCT Electric Hob Make sure that you have removed all packaging and wrapping. Some of the • Always ensure that pan bases are items inside this appliance may have ad- dry and fl at before using them on the ditional wrapping.
  • Page 4 SAFETY • Never leave any cook zone on with- home and call the Fire Brigade out a pan covering it. This causes a If a pan catches fi re: fi re hazard. • Do not move it - it is likely to be •...
  • Page 5 USING THE HOB - ELECTRIC (CERAMIC) WARNINGS display will stop fl ashing and a beep is heard. • Do not use the ceramic hob if the Switching a heater off glass surface is cracked, as electrical • To turn off a heater, touch and hold parts are directly beneath.
  • Page 6 CLEANING ELECTRIC HOB ELECTRIC HOB Ceramic glass hobs Ceramic glass hobs • • The ceramic hob top can be cleaned The ceramic hob top can be cleaned using a clean, damp cloth or kitchen using a clean, damp cloth or kitchen paper.
  • Page 7: Minute Minder

    MINUTE MINDER (IF FITTED) Minute Minder To check remaining time: • Touch the timer symbol. To adjust the set time: Refered heater’s Refered leds heater’s leds • Touch the timer symbol. • Using the “+” or “-” symbols, set the TIMER time required in minutes.
  • Page 8: Trouble Shooting

    TROUBLE SHOOTING If you encounter a problem, it is often something minor, please read some of the suggested tips below. The hob is not working Check the fuse/circuit breakers to see if you are experiencing power failure. The hob has turned it’s Check that the main on/off switch has not been self off touched accidentally, remove any objects on the...
  • Page 9: Error Codes

    ERROR CODES Heater display Fault Action Touch control If error has occurred after initial cali- software error. bration (see initial power on) discon- nect and reconnect the power from the hob again, re-calibrate the hob again, if the error persists or appears again in normal use, call customer services.
  • Page 10 (cut-out dimensions Fig.1B) rear wall 53mm min Worktop cutout sizes 560mm (60cm hobs) 660mm (70cm hobs) 860mm (90cm hobs) Place the hob in the aperture, checking Protecting the Hob cut-out; the hob glass is covering the worktop along all four sides.
  • Page 11 INSTALLATION Secure the hob to the worktop by means of the brackets provided, taking the thick- ness of the worktop into account. Depending on your appliance it will be supplied and installed using one of the following installation methods. If the appliance is installed with an oven Method 1 (fi...
  • Page 12: Technical Data

    TECHNICAL DATA SUPPLY: 220 -240V ~ 50Hz 5.04kW - 7kW Refer to the data badge on the under side of your hob for specifi c power rating of your model...
  • Page 15 Please keep this handbook for future reference, or for anyone else who may use the appliance.
  • Page 16: Important Note

    CONTACT US Calling for a service If you should experience any problems with your cooker please contact your retailer or place of purchase. Important note: Service work is to be conducted by authorised persons only. It is also adviseable that your cooker is checked regularly and maintained in good condition. An annual maintenance is recommended.

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