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Display; Ps440 Operation; On/Off/Volume - Honeywell KHF 1050 Pilot's Manual

Hf communications system with ps440 control display unit
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The control functions of the PS440 are described in the following sec-
tions. Refer to Figure 1 for control locations.
1 Controller Number - Identifies the designation of the Control Display
Unit. Pilot's side would normally be #1 and co-pilot #2.
2 Frequency Display - Indicates transmit or receive frequency.
3 Transmit or Receive - RX indicates displayed data pertains to receive
state. TX indcates data pertains to transmit state.
4 Information Display - Alpha-numeric characters conveying information
such as selected mode, channel number, squelch type/value, power
setting, clarifier setting, etc.


Figure 2 defines the display areas.



This smaller inner concentric knob (lower left) turns the system off and
on and controls volume. Pressing the inner knob turns the system on.
Pressing and holding the inner knob for 3 seconds turns the system off.
Rotating the inner knob clockwise increases volume. Counterclockwise
rotation decreases volume.
A built-in functional test is performed at power-up. The test should take
no longer than 30 seconds. If any problems are found, the system will
enter a Fail Mode.
The functional test may also be initiated by pressing and holding the
TEST button for three seconds. After three seconds, all display seg-
ments will be lit and the TX lamp will be illuminated. Allow at least 30
seconds for the test to complete. Press the TEST button again to exit
the test mode.
Revision 0 Mar/2003
Figure 2 - PS440 Display
KHF 1050/PS440 Pilot's Guide

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