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Mode Selection - Honeywell KHF 1050 Pilot's Manual

Hf communications system with ps440 control display unit
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4. Select the desired frequency using the right inner and outer concentric
knobs. The outer knob changes the frequency in .1 MHz increments.
The inner knob changes the frequency in .001 MHz (1 KHz) increments
or .0001 MHz (100 Hz) increments, depending on the configuration
selected when the system was installed.
5. Press the ENT button again to accept the new transmit frequency. If
the ENT button is not pressed and the system detects no further activity,
the system will revert to the previous transmit frequency.
6. Momentarily press push-to-talk to tune the antenna to the new channel
NOTE: Always press the push-to-talk button after selecting a new fre-
quency to initiate antenna tuning. Otherwise poor reception may be
experienced or it may not be possible to hear a ground station which is


Emission Mode selection options include
Upper Sideband Voice (USB V), Lower
Sideband Voice (LSB V), Upper Sideband
Data (USB D), Lower Sideband Data (LSB
D), AM Voice (AM) and Reduced Carrier
(RC). Upper Sideband Voice will always
be available, but availability of the other
choices depends upon options selected
when the system was installed.
It is important to know the correct Mode
that matches the requirements of the
ground station. Upper Sideband Voice
and Data are considered the standard and
most commonly used. Some older sta-
tions may still use AM Voice. Also, AM
Voice is best for listening to voice broad-
cast stations. Some stations have the abil-
ity to lock on to a transmitted carrier to
avoid frequency errors. When communi-
cating with one of these stations, Reduced
Carrier may be used.
To select the desired mode turn the left
outer knob to MOD.
Pressing the FUNC button will toggle
between modes. Also, turning the right
inner or outer knob will advance through
the modes. See Figure 8.
Revision 0 Mar/2003
See Figure 7.
Figure 7
Figure 8
KHF 1050/PS440 Pilot's Guide

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