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Fail Mode; Squelch - Honeywell KHF 1050 Pilot's Manual

Hf communications system with ps440 control display unit
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If there is a failure in the PS440 the bottom row on the display will show
A failure elsewhere in the system will display FAIL (ACP in the case of
an Antenna Coupler pressure warning or failure) on the top row of the
Depending on the nature of the failure, the system will display the follow-
ing on bottom row of the display:
RXEX Receiver/Exciter Failure
Power Amplifier Failure
CPLR Antenna Coupler Failure
PRS W Antenna Coupler Pressure Warning (service will be required
PRS F Antenna Coupler Pressure Failure (transmitter power has been
reduced to 50 Watts. The antenna coupler requires service.)


The KHF 1050 system offers four types of squelch with corresponding
values as follows:
SBH - (Syllabic Squelch High). This is the default squelch and is usually
best for normal voice communications. A syllabic squelch opens upon
receiving a signal with voice-like characteristics while ignoring other sig-
nals. With syllabic squelch, there is the possibility that the first syllable of
a voice reception may be partially squelched. The possible adjustment
levels are open, meaning no squelch action (OPN), minimum (MIN),
medium (MED) and maximum (MAX).
SBL - (Syllabic Squelch Low). This squelch is also a syllabic squelch
and is intended for voice communications where the desired signal is
very weak and noisy. This squelch is more prone to opening on noise
than the SBH squelch. The possible adjustment levels are open (OPN),
minimum (MIN), medium (MED) and maximum (MAX).
SQH - (Signal Strength Squelch High). This is a traditional signal-to-
noise squelch best suited for listening to non-voice signals, or voice sig-
nals that do not respond well to one of the syllabic squelches. The pos-
sible adjustment levels are 1-32, where 1 is open squelch.
SQL - (Signal Strength Squelch Low). This is a signal strength squelch
which opens on any strong input signal. This squelch opens quickly on
strong signals, but also opens on strong noise or static. This squelch is
recommended for use only on desired signals that are strong and under
low noise conditions. This squelch is well suited for music broadcasts.
The possible adjustment levels are 1-32, where 1 is open squelch.
Revision 0 Mar/2003
KHF 1050/PS440 Pilot's Guide

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