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Part 1 Getting Acquainted - Casio KL-120TH User Manual


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Congratulations on your selection of the CASIO KL-120TH Label Printer. This
CASIO Label Printer makes it possible for you to print adhesive labels for a
wide variety of applications, such as: name tags, CD/DVD labels, binders, and
other applications.
You can produce attractive, original labels thanks to such features as:
 Variable tape sizes (6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm)
 One Thai font and four alphanumeric fonts
 Font effects (shading, underline, box)
 Character styles (normal, bold, outline)
 Built-in symbols
 Text memory
 Mirror image printing
 2-language display messages (Thai and English)
All of this makes the CASIO Label Printer the perfect tool for just about all of
your labeling needs!
 Contact a nearby dealer whenever you require servicing.
 Note that the manufacturer shall not be held liable for any loss
or claims by third parties which may arise out of the use of this
 Note that CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. shall not be held
liable for any damages incurred as a result of data loss caused
by malfunctions, repairs, or interruption of power supply.
 It is up to the user to keep backup records of important data.
 Keep this manual on hand for future reference.
Part 1
Getting Acquainted
This part of the manual provides you with important information you need to
know in order to use the Label Printer to its full potential. Be sure to read it
carefully before using the Label Printer for the first time.
General Guide
Power Key
Turn power on and off.
Function key
Letter keys
Tape outlet
AC adaptor connection terminal
Connect the separately available AC adaptor.
Liquid crystal display (LCD)
Tape cutter button

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Table of Contents

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