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Safety Precautions - Zte ZXHN F680 User Manual

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Safety Precautions

Usage Cautions
Read all the safety cautions carefully before using the device.
Only use the accessories included in the package, such as power supply
Do not extend the power cord, otherwise the device will not work.
The power supply voltage must meet the requirements of the device input
voltage (The voltage fluctuation range is less than 10%).
Keep the power plug clean and dry to prevent any risk of electric shock or
other dangers.
Disconnect all the cables during a lightning storm to prevent the device from
Power off and unplug the power plug when the device is not in use for a long
Do not attempt to open the covers of the device. It is dangerous to do so
when the device is powered ON.
Do not directly stare at the optical interface to prevent any eye injuries.
Power off and stop using the device under the conditions such as, abnormal
sound, smoke, and strange smell. Contact the service provider for mainte-
nance if the device is faulty.
The users should read the usage cautions above carefully and will be respon-
sible for any incident resulting from the violation of the above cautions.
Environment Requirements
Ensure proper ventilation to the device. Place the device away from direct
sunlight and never spill any liquid on the device.
Do not place any object on the device to prevent any deformation or damage
to the device.
Do not place the device near any source of heat or water.
Keep the device away from any household appliances with strong magnetic
or electric fields, such as microwave oven and refrigerator.
Cleaning Requirements
Before cleaning, power off the device, and unplug all the cables connected
to the device, such as power cable, optical fiber, and Ethernet cable.
Do not use any liquid or spray to clean the device. Use a soft dry cloth.
Environment Protection
Do not dispose the device or battery improperly.
Observe the local regulations about the equipment disposal or treatment.

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