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Xerox Versant 3100 Quick Start Manual page 18

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Table of Contents
Paper and Media
- Editing an existing stock
• Stock / media was loaded into the selected tray for the print job
• The tray selected for the print job was opened / closed
If any of these conditions apply, verify that the Tray Properties information matches
the actual tray contents.
If the stock loaded in the tray does not match the information on the Tray Properties
window, then a message may be displayed in one or more of the following ways:
• On the User Interface of the press
• On the Stock Library Manager application (on the print server)
• On the print server
• On both the Stock Library Manager and the print server
• On the Stock Library Manager, the print server, and possibly on the press User Interface
Stock / tray mismatch information and how it is displayed is dependent on the individual
print server. If stock is changed in a tray, a message may not be displayed; therefore it
is important to always perform the following steps before running a print job.
1. Check for a tray mismatch message on the press User Interface. If a mismatch
message is displayed, select it.
A new message displays and explains what media is required and the tray location.
2. Go the print server and check the main / home window for a similar message:
• If a message exists, follow the information provided on the print server to correct
the stock mismatch issue, and continue to the next step.
• If a message does not exist, continue to the next step.
3. Load the stock in the tray.
If the User Interface on the press displays a mismatch message, follow the instructions
provided to load the correct stock.
4. Change the Tray Properties to match the contents of the tray; this is done from the
Stock Library Manager on the print server.
a) Verify the paper size, type (coated, uncoated), and weight of the paper loaded
in the tray.
b) If necessary, enter that information on the Tray Properties window.
5. Ensure that the tray is closed.
6. Ensure that all tray / stock mismatch messages have been resolved.
7. Start your print job.
3100 Press
Quick Start Guide

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Table of Contents

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