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Matching The Tray And Stock Information - Xerox Versant 3100 Quick Start Manual

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6. Load and align the edge of the paper against the right edge of the tray.
Paper can be loaded either in the LEF / portrait or SEF / landscape direction.
7. Adjust the paper guides by pressing in the guide releases and carefully moving the
guides until they lightly touch the edges of the material in the tray.
Do not load materials above the MAX line located on the guides.
8. Gently push in the tray until it comes to a stop.
The paper Tray Properties window displays on the print server (on Stock Library
Manager). You can view and set stock attributes and verify trays are assigned with
the correct stock. The Stock Library Manager is available from the print server only
and not at the press.
9. From the Tray Properties window, enter or verify the correct paper information,
including size, type, weight and, if necessary, paper curl and / or alignment option.
Select the stock and assign the stock to the tray to be used.
10. Select OK to save the information and close the Tray Properties window.

Matching the Tray and Stock Information

To ensure maximum productivity and successful job completion, always verify that the
Tray Properties information (from the Stock Library Manager on the print server) matches
the actual stock / media that is loaded in the tray being used for the print job.
Before running a print job, check for any of the following conditions:
• Modifications were made to the Stock Library, such as
- Adding a stock,
- Copying a stock,
- Creating a new stock,
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