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Exiting Power Saver Mode; Power On / Off; Power On / Off Button; Power On / Off The Press - Xerox Versant 3100 Quick Start Manual

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Exiting Power Saver Mode

The press exits Power Saver mode either by pressing the Power Saver button on the
Control Panel or when receiving print data from an incoming job.

Power On / Off

Power On / Off Button

The Power On / Off Button is located on the right side of the Control Panel. Use this
button to power ON or OFF the press.

Power On / Off the Press

1. To switch on the press, check that the Main Power switch behind the Center Front
Door is On.
2. Press the Power On / Off button on top of the press to the ON position.
The Ready Indicator light displays green.
A screen message advises of a short wait while the fuser warms up and the press runs
a system check. You can set features for a job during this time and the printing process
will start automatically when the press is ready.
3. To switch off, press the Power On / Off button to the Off position.
Allow the press to remain off for a minimum of 10 seconds before switching on the
power again.
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