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Help - Motorola L512C User Manual

Dect 6.0 cordless / corded phones with bluetooth and answering system
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5. Help

I cannot pair my mobile phone to the telephone
• Make sure the Bluetooth function of your Bluetooth
enabled mobile phone is turned on. See your mobile
phone user's manual for more information.
• Make sure the cordless handset, corded base and
cell phone are located near each other.
• Remove the Motorola L512CBT/L513CBT/L514CBT/
L515CBT from your mobile phone's Bluetooth device
history list (see your mobile phone user's manual for
more information).
• Carefully follow the pairing instructions in the user's
guide, making sure that your mobile phone is not
connected to any other Bluetooth device(s).
• Turn off your mobile phone, and then turn it on
• Reset the telephone base. Unplug the unit's
electrical power. Wait for approximately 15 seconds,
and then plug it back in. Repeat the above
icon is not scrolling when the cordless
handset is placed on the charger
• Incomplete battery contact - adjust the cordless
handset on the charger.
• Dirty contact - clean the battery contact by wiping
with an alcohol moistened cloth.
• Battery is full - charging is not necessary at this time.
No dial tone
• If there is no base power, check the connections.
Reset the phone by unplugging then plugging it back
into an electrical outlet.
• If the cordless handset batteries are empty,
recharge the battery pack for at least 24 hours.
• Move the cordless handset closer to the corded
base if it is too far away.
• Be sure to use the provided telephone cords.
Poor audio quality
• If the corded base is too close to electrical
appliances, reinforced concrete walls, or metal door
frames, move the corded base from these areas.
No ring tone
• The ring tone may be deactivated.
• The volume may need to be increased.



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