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Motorola L512C User Manual page 49

Dect 6.0 cordless / corded phones with bluetooth and answering system
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Caller ID does not work
• Check your subscription with your network operator.
• If you subscribe to high-speed internet service
(Digital Subscriber Line - DSL) through your
telephone lines, you must install a DSL filter
between the telephone base and the telephone wall
jack. The filter will prevent noise and caller ID
problems caused by DSL interference. Please
contact your DSL service provider for more
information about DSL filters.
A phonebook entry cannot be stored
• The phonebook is full. Delete an entry to free
No display
• Try recharging or replacing the rechargeable battery
• Reset the corded base. Unplug the unit's electrical,
then plug it back in.
• If LED is not lit up, then try to unplug the unit's
electrical power, and then plug it back in.
If the cordless handset disconnects from the
corded base during a phone call
• Check that the power cord is connected properly
into the corded base.
• Check that the power adapter is connected properly
into the electrical outlet.
• Move the cordless handset closer to the corded
base. It may be out of range.
• Reset the corded base by unplugging the unit's
electrical power. Wait for around 15 seconds and re-
plug the power again. Allow up to one minute for the
cordless handset to synchronize with the registered
corded base again.
Noise interference on your radio or television
• Your corded base or cordless charger may be too
close. Move it as far away as possible.



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