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Motorola L512C User Manual page 17

Dect 6.0 cordless / corded phones with bluetooth and answering system
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c) In phonbook list entry: if the number is more than
15 digits, press to view the previous page of
remaining digits.
12 Talk on/ Flash
a) In idle/menu/pre-dial mode: press to make a call.
b) Call List/phonebook/redial list entry: press to
make a call to the selected entry.
c) During an incoming call: press to answer the call.
d) During a home call: press flash to switch to another
13 Left/ Phonebook
a) In idle mode/during a call: press to access the
b) In editing mode: press to move the cursor to the
14 Answering Machine/ Mute/ Clear/ X
a) In idle mode: press to play the message in answering
b) In pre-dial/editing mode: press to delete one
character/digit. Long press to delete all characters/
c) During a call: press to mute/unmute the call.
d) In calls list/phonebook entry: press to delete the
e) In answering machine mode: press to delete the
current message playback.
Getting to know your phone
Cordless handset LCD display
Display icons
On when speakerphone is turned on.
On when answering machine is turned on.
Flashes when a new message is received.
Indicates that a new call has been received.
Off after all new call been reviewed.
Indicates that the ringer volume is off.
If a voice mail service is being used, on for new
voice mail message. Off after all new voice mails
have been reviewed. (For home line only)



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