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Section 7. Troubleshooting; Problems And Corrective Action - Jandy TruClear Installation & Operation Manual

Saltwater chlorinator pro series
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Pro Series TruClear

Section 7. Troubleshooting

Always turn pump off prior to attempting service or repair. Your pump and filter system is operated under
pressure and pressure must be released before you begin to avoid system damage or personal injury. Open the
air relief valve on your pool filter to release the pressure in the system.

7.1 Problems and Corrective Action

Low or no chlorine.
Chlorine level too high.
(above 7.0 PPM)
Chlorine Generating System
Installation & Operation Manual
Possible Cause
Low stabilizer (cyanuric acid) level in
pool water (for outdoor pools only).
pH not within recommended range.
Insufficient operating hours of
the unit.
Chlorine output percentage set too low.
Temporary loss of chlorine due to heavy
organic load - rain, leaves, fertilizer or
heavy bather load. Pets using pool.
Low (less than 3,000 ppm) salt level in
pool water.
High nitrate level.
Metals present in pool water.
New pool water. Not shocked properly
upon startup.
Clogged or dirty cell.
Chlorine output percentage set too high.
Corrective Action
Add stabilizer to maintain 30 - 50
ppm. Follow your pool professional's
recommendations and check all local
and federal regulations to ensure that the
ideal range is suitable for your specific
(see Table 2).
Chlorine does not operate as well as a
sanatizer if the pH is not within range. This
can cause a higher chlorine demand. The
ideal range for pH is
acid to lower pH and soda ash to raise pH).
Increase the system operating time per
Increase chlorine production by pressing
the Output button (see Section 5.4).
Set chlorine production to 100% and set
the pump and the cell to run for 24 hours.
After 24 hours, recheck chlorine levels. If
still too low, super chlorinate with alternate
source to achieve Breakpoint Chlorination
(BPC). Your local pool dealer can assist
with this if you take to them a sample of
your water.
Use salinity test strips, a TDS/salinity
meter, or another reliable method to test
the salinity of the pool water. Once the
existing salinity has been established, use
Table 1 to determine the amount of salt to
add to reach the desired level. Maintain a
salinity level of 3,000 ppm.
Contact a pool professional.
Contact a pool professional.
Super chlorinate the pool.
Remove cell for inspection and clean if
necessary (see Section 6.3).
Decrease chlorine production rate by
pressing the Output button (see Section 5.4)
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