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HP FlexFabric 12900 Series Configuration Manual: Irf Size; Mpu Requirements; Irf Physical Interface Requirements

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IRF size

An HP 12900 IRF fabric can contain a maximum of two chassis.

MPU requirements

Every IRF member must have a minimum of one MPU.

IRF physical interface requirements

Use the following ports as IRF physical interfaces:
10-GE ports.
40-GE ports.
100-GE ports.
Selecting transceiver modules
When you select transceiver modules and cables, follow these restrictions and guidelines:
Use transceiver modules and fibers to connect IRF physical interfaces for a long-distance
Use SFP+ or QSFP+ DAC cables to connect IRF physical interfaces for a short-distance connection.
The transceiver modules at the two ends of an IRF link must be the same type. For more information
about transceiver modules, see the device installation guide.
Grouped port restrictions
The port grouping rules are as follows:
The 10-GE ports are grouped by port number in order, starting from 1. Each group contains four
The breakout interfaces of a 40-GE or 100-GE port belong to one port group.
When you use the ports in a group for IRF links and specify the binding mode as enhanced, follow these
restrictions and guidelines:
You must use all or none of the ports in the group for IRF links. The ports can be bound to different
IRF ports.
Before you bind one of the ports to an IRF port or remove it from the IRF port, you must shut down
all the ports in the group. If any of the ports are in up state, the bind or remove action will fail.
Bring up the ports after you complete the operations.
When you use a 40-GE or 100-GE port as an IRF physical interface, no grouping restrictions exist.
On an LSX1QGS16EA card (JG625A), no ports can be used for IRF links if the 40-GE ports indexed by
1 to 8 are all split to 10-GE breakout interfaces.
Port split (the using tengige command) and combination (the using fortygige command) require a card
reboot. To avoid topology change, HP recommends that you complete these operations before you add
the device to an IRF fabric. When you perform these operations in an IRF fabric, make sure you
understand the impact on the IRF fabric topology. For more information about 40-GE or 100-GE port split
and combination operations, see Layer 2—LAN Switching Configuration Guide.


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