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HP FlexFabric 12900 Series Configuration Manual: Accessing The Irf Fabric; Configuring Irf Member Devices In Irf Mode

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To set the operating mode of a device to IRF mode:
Verify that a unique IRF
member ID has been
assigned to the device.
Enter system view.
Set the operating mode to
IRF mode.
After you change the operating mode, the device automatically reboots for the change to take effect.
During the reboot, you may choose to have the system automatically convert the startup configuration file.
Automatic configuration conversion prevents slot- or interface-related settings from becoming invalid. For
example, the system can convert the slot slot-number parameter set in standalone mode to the chassis
chassis-number slot slot-number parameter in IRF mode. The system can also add the chassis ID to an
interface number.
To restore the standalone mode, use the undo chassis convert mode command.
IRF generates packets on a device in IRF mode even if the device does not form an IRF fabric with any other
devices. To conserve system resources, set a device to standalone mode after removing it from an IRF

Accessing the IRF fabric

The IRF fabric appears as one device after it is formed. You configure and manage all IRF members at
the CLI of the global active MPU. All settings you made are automatically propagated to the IRF
When you log in to an IRF fabric, you are placed at the CLI of the global active MPU, regardless of at
which member device you are logged in.
The following methods are available for accessing an IRF fabric:
Local login—Log in through the console port of a member device.
Remote login—Log in at a Layer 3 Ethernet interface on any member device by using methods
including Telnet and SNMP.
For more information, see login configuration in Fundamentals Configuration Guide.

Configuring IRF member devices in IRF mode

After you access the global active MPU's CLI, you can perform the tasks in this section or configure
features in all other configuration guides for the device.
display irf configuration
chassis convert mode irf
Check the MemberID field. If the
device does not have an IRF
member ID, the field displays two
hyphens (--).
The default operating mode is
standalone mode.


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