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HP FlexFabric 12900 Series Configuration Manual: General Restrictions And Configuration Guidelines; Hardware Compatibility; Software Requirements

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With BFD MAD, the master tries to establish BFD sessions with other member devices by using its MAD
IP address as the source IP address.
If the IRF fabric is integrated, only the MAD IP address of the master is effective. The master cannot
establish a BFD session with any other member. If you execute the display bfd session command,
the state of the BFD sessions is Down.
When the IRF fabric splits, the IP addresses of the masters in the split IRF fabrics take effect. The
masters can establish a BFD session. If you use the display bfd session command, the state of the
BFD session between the two devices is Up.
Figure 7 BFD MAD scenario

General restrictions and configuration guidelines

For a successful IRF setup, follow the restrictions and guidelines in this section and the setup procedure
"Setup and configuration task

Hardware compatibility

An HP 12900 switch can form an IRF fabric with devices of the same model.

Software requirements

All IRF member devices must run the same software image version.


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