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HP FlexFabric 12900 Series Configuration Manual: Saving Configuration To The Next-startup Configuration File

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Make sure the IRF physical interfaces are operating as Layer 2 interfaces. Layer 3 interfaces cannot be
bound to IRF ports. To configure a physical interface as a Layer 2 or Layer 3 interface, use the port
link-mode { bridge | route } command. For more information about this command, see Layer 2—LAN
Switching Configuration Guide.
In standalone mode, IRF port binding operations do not affect the current configuration of the interface.
However, when the operating mode changes to IRF mode, the default configuration is restored on the IRF
physical interface. You can only execute the description, flow-interval, and shutdown commands on the
physical interface. For more information about these commands, see Layer 2—LAN Switching Command
When you specify a binding mode for an IRF physical interface, follow these restrictions and guidelines:
The binding mode of all IRF physical interfaces bound to an IRF port must be the same (enhanced
or extended).
The two ends of an IRF link must use the same binding mode.
To use EVB, TRILL, MPLS L2VPN, or VPLS in the IRF fabric, you must configure the IRF physical
interfaces to operate in enhanced mode.
To connect member devices through optical transmission devices, you must configure the IRF
physical interfaces to operate in extended mode. Only ports on EB and EC cards can operate in
extended mode.
To bind physical interfaces to IRF ports:
Enter system view.
Enter IRF port view.
Bind a physical interface to
the IRF port.
Saving configuration to the next-startup
configuration file
Save the running configuration before converting to the IRF mode. The mode change requires a reboot,
which causes all unsaved settings to be lost.
Perform the following task in any view:
irf-port port-number
port group interface interface-type
interface-number [ mode { enhanced |
extended } ]
By default, no physical interfaces
are bound to any IRF port.
Repeat this step to assign
additional physical interfaces to
the IRF port.
Each IRF port can have a
maximum of eight physical
If you do not specify a binding
mode, the enhanced mode


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