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Adjusting The Inclination; Adjusting The Rotation; Removing Monitor Base - Fujitsu P24-8 TE Pro Operating Manual

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Adjusting the inclination

The inclination of the monitor can be adjusted by -3° (forwards) and +35°
(backwards) from its vertical position.
► Hold the monitor with both hands on the left and right sides of the casing
and move it to the desired angle.

Adjusting the rotation

The monitor can be rotated by ±170°.
► Grasp the monitor with both hands on the right and left edge of the casing
and turn it to the desired position.

Removing monitor base

Before you can use a swivel arm or a similar accessory, you must remove the monitor base.
The display surface is susceptible to scratching!
For instructions on how to mount the swivel arm or a similar accessory, please
see the documentation for the swivel arm or similar accessory.
► Switch off the monitor and pull the power
plug out of the power socket.
► Lay the monitor on its face on a soft surface.
► Disconnect all cables.
► To release the stand, remove the four
screws that hold the stand in the VESA
mount. Then lift the stand away upwards.
You can now mount a swivel arm or a
similar accessory in accordance with VESA
FPMPMI using a hole spacing of 100 mm.
Getting started

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