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Notes On The Ambient Light Sensor And Presence Sensor - Fujitsu P24-8 TE Pro Operating Manual

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Notes on the ambient light sensor and
presence sensor
1 = Ambient light and presence sensor
Ambient light sensor
Presence sensor
In order to achieve the best possible results with the presence
sensor, observe the following:
Make certain that no objects are located in the immediate proximity
of the presence sensor.
Recommendation: Adjust your distance to the monitor in the OSD menu. You will
find more information on this in chapter
Depending on the colour and nature of your clothes, the distance
detected may deviate from the setting.
When the presence sensor is activated, the power consumption
during operation is increased minimally.
If the Auto Brightness function is activated, the ambient light sensor is
used for optimum adjustment of the background lighting to the light
conditions of the working environment.
If the Presence Sensor function is activated, the presence sensor is
used to reduce the background lighting to a minimum if no object is
detected within the specified distance for 10 seconds.
After a further 30 seconds absence, the background lighting is
switched off.
"Advanced setting functions", Page

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