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Displaying Information - Fujitsu P24-8 TE Pro Operating Manual

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Call Indicator
Daisy Chain
Factory recall

Displaying information

Enable/disable call display
This function shows the status of the user of the communication software
(e. g. Microsoft Lync / Skype for Business) via the LED on top of the monitor.
Incoming calls are indicated audibly by the communication software using
the monitor speakers.
This function is only available if your model has a call indicator display and
the communication software being used supports status transmission.
Enable/disable daisy chaining via Displayport.
This function allows the desktop to be extended onto a monitor connected
via "DP Out".
This option only appears when your model supports daisy chaining and
Displayport is selected as input signal.
Enable/disable enhanced reaction time
This function can be used to improve the focus in fast moving images.
This setting can only be configured in Video or Custom application mode.
Enable/disable Display Data Channel - Command Interface
This function allows data to be exchanged via the connection between the
PC and the display.
Activate the factory settings
With this function all settings are reset to the factory settings.
► Press the
button to run the function.
► Press the
button to confirm or the
The language selection menu appears.
With a VGA data cable, the message Auto Processing is displayed.
► Press the
► Press the
button to call up the Information window.
Details such as the model designation, serial number, resolution, H/V
frequency and ECO mode are displayed.
button to call up the main menu.
button to cancel.

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