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Operation; Mode Button; Led Display; Power Button - Arctic King WPPH-06CR5 Instruction Manual

Local air conditioner
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MODE button

Selects the appropriate operating
mode. Each time you press the
button, a mode is selected in a
sequence that goes from COOL,
FAN and DRY .The mode indicator
light illuminates under the different
mode setting.
NOTE: On above modes, the unit
operates the auto fan speed
automatically. You can set fan
speed only by the remote controller
on COOL and FAN modes.
Up (+) and Down
(-) buttons
Used to adjust (increasing/decreasing)
temperature settings in 1°C/1°F
increments in a range of 17°C/62°F to
NOTE: The control is capable of
displaying temperature in degrees
Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius.
To convert from one to the other,
press and hold the Up and Down
buttons at the same time for 3

Power button

Power switch on/off.


indicator light

LED display

Shows the set temperature while on cool
mode. While on DRY and FAN modes, it
shows the room temperature.
Shows Error codes:
E1-Room temperature sensor error.
E2-Evaporator temperature sensor error.
E4-Display panel communication error.
Shows protection code:
P1-Bottom tray is full--Connect the drain
hose and drain the collected water away.
If protection repeats,call for service.
Note: When one of the above
malfunctions occurs, turn off the unit,
and check for any obstructions.
Restart the unit, if the malfunction is
still present, turn off the unit and
unplug the power cord. Contact the
manufacturer or its service agents or
a similar qualified person for service.
Timer mode indicator
light (set only by
remote controller)

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