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Black & Decker JT2504BD Instruction Manual page 9

10 in. portable table saw
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NON-THROUGH SAWING - Refers to any
cut that does not completely cut through
the workpiece.
the motor if it overloads during operation,
provides a way to restart the saw.
PLUNGE CUTTING – Refers to cutting
where the workpiece is either lowered
down onto the blade with the workpiece
controlled by the user's hands or the
workpiece is supported by the user's
hands on the table surface and the blade
is then raised up through the workpiece.
Never perform plunge cutting with this
PUSH STICK – Used to push workpieces
when performing ripping operations.
PUSH BLOCK – Used for ripping
operation when the workpiece is too
narrow to use a push stick. Always use a
push block for rip widths less than 2 in.
(50.8 mm).
RESAWING– Flipping material to make
a cut the saw is not capable of making in
one pass.
Do not resaw material with this saw.
– The number of turns completed by a
spinning object in one minute.
RIP FENCE – A guide used for rip cutting
which allows the workpiece to cut straight.
RIPPING – Cutting with the grain of the
wood or along the length of the workpiece.
RIVING KNIFE – A metal piece of the
guard assembly located behind and
moves with the blade. Slightly thinner than
the saw blade, it helps keep the kerf open
and prevents kickback.
SAW BLADE PATH – The area of the
workpiece or table top directly in line with
the travel of the blade or the part of the
workpiece that will be cut.
SET – The distance between two saw
blade tips, bent outward in opposite
directions to each other. The further apart
the tips are, the greater the set.
TABLE INSERT – Insert that is removed
from the table to install / remove blades.
When dado cutting, a dado insert plate
must be used.
THROUGH SAWING – Making a cut
completely through the length or width of
a workpiece.
WORKPIECE – Material to be cut.
Leading Edge
NOTE: Blade guard assembly is removed
for purposes of illustration only.
Saw Blade Path
Trailing Edge
Direction of Workpiece


Table of Contents

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