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Kärcher Puzzi 8/1 C Operating Instructions Manual page 7

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Table of Contents
Overview of the appliance
Illustrations on Page 2
1 Cover
2 Fresh water tank
3 Carrying handle
4 Spray/suction hose
5 Fresh water hose
6 Suction hose
7 Manual nozzle for upholstery cleaning
8 Dirt water reservoir, detachable
9 Fresh water connection
10 Suction hose connection
11 Fluff filter
12 Fresh water strainer
13 Hook for spray/suction hose
14 Switch for vacuuming
15 Switch for spraying
16 Transport bracket for manual nozzle
17 Mains cable with mains plug
Start up
see Figure 1
Insert the holder for the floor nozzle (option-
al) into the appliance and lock into place.
see Figure 2
 Insert the suction hose into the suction
hose connection on the appliance.
 Insert the coupling of the fresh water
hose into the fresh water connection of
the appliance and lock into place.
 Connect the suction hose to bender of
the manual nozzle.
 Connect the coupling of the fresh water
hose to the bender and lock into place.
Selecting the nozzle
Upholstery, wall rugs,
automobile interior
* not included in the delivery
Hand nozzle
Floor nozzle*
Carpet nozzle
see Figure 3
 Mix fresh water and detergent in a clean
container (use the concentration rec-
ommended for the detergent).
Health risk, risk of damage. Observe all in-
dications on the detergent used.
Warm water (max. 122°F/50°C) will in-
crease the cleaning effect.
For considerate treatment of the environ-
ment use detergent economically.
 Fill detergent solution into the fresh wa-
ter reservoir. The fill level must not ex-
ceed the "MAX" mark.
 Insert dirt water reservoir into the appli-
ance and attach lid.
 Plug in the main plug.
see Figure 4
 Press the suction switch to turn on the
suction turbine.
 Press the spray switch to turn on the de-
tergent pump.
Risk of damage. Check the object to be
cleaned prior to using the appliance in an
inconspicuous place for colour fastness
and water resistance.
see Figure 5
 Use the lever on the bender to spray on
detergent solution.
 Run across the surface to be cleaned in
overlapping paths. Pull the nozzle back-
wards (do not push).
see Figure 6
 During nozzle changes, the manual
nozzle can be inserted into the holder
for the manual nozzle.
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Table of Contents