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Miele IR 6002 Operating Instructions Manual

Professional cleaning machine
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Operating instructions
cleaning machine
IR 6002
en - GB
To avoid the risk of accidents or
damage to the machine it is
essential to read these instructions
before it is installed, commissioned
and used for the first time.
M.-Nr. 06 828 452



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  • Page 1 Operating instructions Professional cleaning machine IR 6002 en - GB To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the machine it is essential to read these instructions before it is installed, commissioned and used for the first time. M.-Nr. 06 828 452...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Description of the machine ......... . 5 Areas of application .
  • Page 3 Contents Chemical processes and technology....... . . 29 Dispensing liquid chemical agents ........34 Preparing the dispensing system .
  • Page 4 Contents Installation ............52 Electrical connection .
  • Page 5: Description Of The Machine

    Description of the machine Areas of application Water recovery This professional cleaning machine is The IR 6002 is supplied with a two-part particularly suitable for use in high-tech drainage system and a pump for industrial production plants where very recovering process water from the high reproducible standards of machine for re-use.
  • Page 6 Description of the machine a Electronic controls g Service panel b Serial interface, at the back of the h Drying unit (TA) machine (top left behind the cover panel) c Test point for validation d Salt reservoir connection point (for the water softener) e Filter combination f Service panel...
  • Page 7: Guide To The Machine

    Guide to the machine Electronic controls a Display e Minus button 3 with screen saver; – Selects programmes from position i.e. background lighting switches off 24 upwards automatically after 15 mins. – Scrolls back page by page in Press any button to switch the menus display back on again.
  • Page 8 Guide to the machine Start button 6 j Service interface 8 – Starts programmes kProgramme selector – Activates input mode Selects programme places 1-23 – Confirms activated values and settings – Confirms menu points for entry into the relevant sub-menu Stop button 7 –...
  • Page 9: Warning And Safety Instructions

    This machine should be installed, Inappropriate use can, however, commissioned and then maintained by lead to personal injury and damage a Miele authorised and trained service to property. technician or other suitably qualified To avoid the risk of accidents and and competent approved person.
  • Page 10 Warning and Safety instructions Take care when handling chemical When using this machine in the agents such as cleaning agent, higher temperature ranges, be neutralising agent, rinsing agent etc. especially careful not to scald or burn These may contain irritant or corrosive yourself or come into contact with ingredients.
  • Page 11 Please only use agents When using cleaning agents and recommended by Miele. In the event of specialised products it is essential that any damage or material deterioration the manufacturer's instructions are please contact your Miele application followed.
  • Page 12 Warning and Safety instructions If cleaning and rinsing results are Please ensure that any water subject to particularly stringent drained into the public mains drainage requirements (e.g. chemical analysis, system complies with all local and specialised industrial processes etc.), a national water regulations.
  • Page 13: Symbols On The Machine

    Consult Miele on the type must be decontaminated before and application of such equipment. disposal.
  • Page 14: Opening And Closing The Door

    Opening and closing the door Electric door lock To open the door with the emergency release This machine is equipped with an electric door lock. The emergency release should The door can only be opened when: only be used when the door cannot be opened normally, e.g.
  • Page 15: Water Softener

    This takes place automatically in the integrated When the machine is first water softener. commissioned the Miele service technician has to set the machine for – The water softener requires your local water hardness level (see reactivation salt.
  • Page 16: Reactivating The Water Softener

    The salt container holds approx. 2 kg of salt. If only fine grained reactivation salt is available please consult the Miele Spare Parts Department for advice. Salt with granules ü 4 mm must not be used in this machine.
  • Page 17: Run The Reactivation Programme

    Do not use force! If the container will not come off manually please contact the Miele Service Department. ^ Replace the cap. ^ Select and start the COLD WASH programme to flush out any excess salt from the softener unit and from the cabinet.
  • Page 18: Automatic Mobile Unit Recognition (Awk) (Optional)

    Automatic mobile unit recognition (AWK) (optional) Mobile unit coding In operating level C the automatic mobile unit recognition system (AWK) The automatic mobile unit recognition allocates programme places from 1 - feature assigns a programme place to 15 to mobile units with the correct a mobile unit.
  • Page 19: Mobile Unit Coding Strip

    Automatic mobile unit recognition (AWK) (optional) Coding is effected through 5 Bits: The coded total must be an even number. If the coded total gives an odd number the message CHECK MOBILE UNIT RECOGNITION appears. If the mobile unit total equals 0, the message NO MOBILE UNIT RECOGNITION will appear.
  • Page 20 Automatic mobile unit recognition (AWK) (optional) ^ Remove the magnetic strip from the ^ Put the magnetic strip back in the track. track. The magnetic strip must be placed in the track such that the Bit coding set out in the chart is visible through the round windows in the track.
  • Page 21: Areas Of Application

    Please This baffle has to be dismantled if contact your Miele application mobile units and baskets are used specialist for details of suitable baskets which have a drying unit connection on and inserts for your requirements, or to them.
  • Page 22: Cleaning Programmes

    If you have any questions please contact the following: – Are all chemical containers filled sufficiently? – The Miele Service Department – Your Miele application specialist – Your Miele Dealer...
  • Page 23: Water Connection Spring Adapter

    Areas of application Water connection spring Height adjustable top basket adapter The top basket can be adjusted above and below the middle position by 2 cm. Make sure that the water connection spring adapter engages correctly when Depending on the position of the top a basket or injector unit is inserted in basket and the inserts used, the the machine.
  • Page 24: Electronics

    Areas of application Electronics Batch times for cleaning are approx. 30 - 40 min, and approx. 30 - 50 min for Depending on the soldering process drying, depending on the complexity used and the application the products and quantity of items being processed. are to be used for soldering frames used in the production of electronic The special baskets for circuit boards,...
  • Page 25: Soldering Frames

    Areas of application Carrying out the final rinse on aluminium soldering frames with fully demeralised water will help to prevent any material damage that might be caused by the quality of the mains water. Example: 8 soldering frames approx. 475 mm x 430 mm x 45 - 50 mm (length x width x thickness) can be cleaned and dried in this machine in a batch time of 30 minutes, if the machine is...
  • Page 26: Metal Cleaning

    Areas of application Metal cleaning Make sure that metal shavings This machine can be used to degrease (from drilling, cutting etc) cannot get and remove any dust and lapping into the wash cabinet. This is abrasives from metal components at particularly important with corrosive the end of the manufacturing process iron materials.
  • Page 27: Glass Cleaning

    Areas of application Glass cleaning Technical and optical glassware can be processed in this machine to remove grease, dust and lapping abrasives and to ensure a residue free final rinse. A residue-free final result will depend on the quality of the water used. Technical advice should be sought regarding the processing of very sensitive glassware and fine grade...
  • Page 28: Particle Decontamination

    Areas of application Particle decontamination This machine is particularly suitable for particle decontamination of chip boxes, wafer trays, semi-finished products, assembly trays and computer parts. Cleaning takes place using a water based process only, using a very small amount of special cleaning agent and without the addition of solvents.
  • Page 29: Chemical Processes And Technology

    Chemical processes and technology General notes Problem How to resolve it If elastomers (seals and hoses) and – Establish the cause of the damage plastics in the machine suffer damage, and put it right. this can cause swelling, shrinkage, See information regarding "Chemical hardening and brittleness in materials agents", "Soiling"...
  • Page 30 OXIVARIO or OXIVARIO PLUS. – hydrogen peroxide, – The wash temperature must be less than 70 °C when using hydrogen – peracetic acid. peroxide. – Please contact Miele Service or your Miele Application Professional for advice.
  • Page 31 – damage to certain plastics (e.g. de-foaming agent using the polycarbonate and plexiglass) in the ORGANICA programme (if available) load being processed. or a special programme. – Please contact Miele Service or your Miele Application Professional for advice.
  • Page 32 Chemical processes and technology Soiling Problem How to resolve it The following oxidising chemical agents – Depending on usage, wipe the can damage elastomers (hoses and lower door seal on the machine seals) and plastics in the machine: periodically with a lint-free cloth or sponge.
  • Page 33 Chemical processes and technology Reaction between chemical agents and soiling Problem How to resolve it Natural oils and fats can be emulsified – Where available use the "OIL" with alkaline chemical agents. This can programme. lead to a heavy build-up of foam. –...
  • Page 34: Dispensing Liquid Chemical Agents

    Dispensing liquid chemical agents The correct amount of liquid agent etc. Only use agents formulated required for the application chosen will specifically for use in a water based be dispensed through these dispensing process in this professional cleaning systems. machine and make sure you follow The liquid agent containers are situated the manufacturer's instructions on next to the machine.
  • Page 35: Fill The Containers With The Relevant Agent

    Dispensing liquid chemical agents Fill the containers with the relevant When first commissioning, or when agent the message CHECK ^ Switch the machine off. DISPENSING SYSTEM... appears, start the DOS-FILL programme to vent the dispensing system (see "Venting the dispensing system"). Take great care when handling liquid agents and additives.
  • Page 36: Venting The Dispensing System

    To ensure trouble-free operation, the more containers has been allowed to following maintenance should be run dry, the dispensing system(s) for carried out by a Miele approved service liquid media will need to be vented. To technician. do this: Every 12-18 months ^ Press the I-0 button.
  • Page 37: Operation

    Operation Switching on [0000] will appear – Enter numbers using the 4 and ^ Open the stopcocks (if turned off). 3 buttons ^ Press the I-0 button. – Select number position with the 1 or 2 button In operating levels A, B and D the most –...
  • Page 38 Operation B and D. Free programme selection C. AWK – Automatic mobile unit recognition (optional) ^ Select operating level B or D. ^ Select operating level C. In operating levels B and D there are ^ Push the coded mobile unit into three ways of selecting a programme.
  • Page 39: Programme Sequence

    Operation Programme sequence Switching off ^ Press and release the I-0 button. The programme will start automatically as soon as the Start button has been ^ Turn off the stopcocks. pressed. It is finished when PROGRAMME END appears in the Cancelling a programme display and the background lighting flashes (press any button to stop it...
  • Page 40: Interrupting A Programme

    Operation Interrupting a programme If there is a lot of hot water in the A programme can only be wash cabinet when the programme interrupted in operating level B or D. is interrupted and the door is then closed quickly, hot water can If you absolutely have to open the door, escape.
  • Page 41: Data Transfer

    – The size of the printer or PC must be external printers: taken into account when installing – Epson-compatible the machine. (contact Miele for a list of suitable models). The report printer settings are – HP Laserjet described in detail in the Programming Pin configuration in the 9-pole sub-D manual under "PC/Printer functions".
  • Page 42: Maintenance

    1000 – A programme will be run as a test operating hours, or every 6 months by a Miele approved service technician. – Thermo electrical measurements will A service will cover the following: be taken –...
  • Page 43: Maintenance

    Maintenance ^ Remove the fine filter from between Cleaning the filters in the wash the coarse and the micro-fine filters. cabinet This machine must not be used without all the filters in place. The filter combination in the base of the wash cabinet should be inspected regularly and cleaned if necessary.
  • Page 44: Cleaning The Spray Arms

    Maintenance ^ Unscrew the upper spray arm. Cleaning the spray arms ^ Loosen the knurled thumb nut to The spray arms can become blocked and should therefore be checked every unscrew the lower spray arm. day. ^ Use a sharp pointed object to push ^ After cleaning the spray arms, fit or particles into the spray arm jets, and screw them back into position.
  • Page 45: Cleaning The Control Panel

    ^ To help prevent resoiling (fingermarks etc.) a stainless steel conditioning agent (available from the Miele Spare Parts Department or via the Internet, depending on country) can also be used. Do not use any cleaning agents...
  • Page 46: Mobile Units, Baskets And Inserts

    Maintenance Mobile units, baskets and and where applicable: inserts – Make sure that the spray arms rotate freely. Mobile units, baskets and inserts should be checked daily to make sure – Make sure the spray arm jets are free they are functioning correctly. of any blockages.
  • Page 47: Drying Unit (Ta)

    Maintenance Drying unit (TA) The CHANGE TA COARSE and CHANGE TA FINE service programmes have been allocated to programme places 62 and 63 ex-works. If required, they can be moved to other programme places. See "System functions" in the Programming manual. Changing the coarse filter The coarse filter should be changed when the message CHANGE COARSE...
  • Page 48: Exchanging The Hepa Filter

    The HEPA filter should be changed when the message CHANGE FINE FILTER flashes in the display. To ensure the machine operates correctly, use original Miele HEPA filters only (classification 13). It is advisable to have the fine filter changed whenever the machine is serviced.
  • Page 49: Problem Solving

    ^ Remove the cause of the fault. ^ Take off the service panel. ^ Press the reset button on the heater limiter located on the right-hand side of the plinth. If this switch trips again contact the Miele Service Department.
  • Page 50: Cleaning The Filters In The Water Inlet

    Problem solving Cleaning the filters in the water To clean the filter inlet ^ Disconnect the machine from the mains electricity supply Filters are incorporated in the screw connection of the water inlet hose to ^ Turn off the stopcock and unscrew protect the water inlet valve.
  • Page 51: After Sales Service

    Miele Service Department (see Unauthorised or incorrect repairs back cover for contact details). could cause personal injury or ^ When contacting the Miele Service damage the machine. Department, please quote the model and serial number of your machine To avoid unnecessary service call-outs,...
  • Page 52: Installation

    Installation Please refer to the installation diagram supplied with the machine. Furniture and fittings installed near the machine must be of a commercial standard able to withstand the effects of steam and condensation. The machine must be installed correctly and levelled. Any unevenness in the floor level can be compensated for and the height of the machine raised or lowered by...
  • Page 53: Electrical Connection

    (in accordance with DIN VDE 0664). the back of the machine and on the plinth behind the service panel. – If the mains cable needs replacing only use a genuine Miele original The wiring diagram is supplied with cable. the machine.
  • Page 54: Plumbing

    Connection to the water inlet – If the water pressure is not in the range specified above, please The water in the machine must contact the Miele Service not be used as drinking water. Department for advice. (The message "CHECK WATER INLET –...
  • Page 55 Plumbing The inlet hoses must not be shortened or damaged in any way (see illustration). See also the installation diagram supplied.
  • Page 56: Drainage

    Hose clips are supplied for securing it in position. – A longer drain hose (up to 4 m long) is available to order from the Miele Spare Parts Dept. – The drainage system must not exceed 4 metres. See also the installation diagram...
  • Page 57: Technical Data

    Technical data Height: 117.5 cm Width: 90 cm Depth: 70 cm Depth with door open: 126.5 cm Voltage: see data plate Connected load: see data plate Fuse rating: see data plate Mains connection cable: approx. 1.8 m Water temperature: Cold / hot water inlet connections max.
  • Page 58: Disposal Of Your Old Machine

    Disposal of your old machine Electrical and electronic baskets / machines often contain materials which, if handled or disposed of incorrectly, could be potentially hazardous to human health and to the environment. They are, however, essential for the correct functioning of your machine.
  • Page 60 Alteration rights reserved / Publication date 17.06.2010 M.-Nr. 06 828 452 / 00...