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The preservation of the environment is of importance to the manufacturer. The manufacturer wishes to service the
installations with respect to the environment and has chosen to integrate the environmental performance in the whole
lifecycle of its products, throughout manufacturing, release, use and disposal.

The packaging

The (green point) logo indicates that a contribution is given to an approved national organization to improve
the packaging salvage and recycling infrastructures.
To make recycling easier, follow local rules and regulations concerning sorting and disposal of such waste.

Batteries and rechargeable batteries

If your product contains batteries or rechargeable batteries, these shall be disposed of at the designated
collecting centers.

The product

The crossed bin symbol on the product indicates that it belongs to the electric and electronic equipment
Therefore, according to European regulations you are requested to dispose of it at the selected collection
- to distribution centers in case of equivalent equipment purchase,
- to the available local collecting centers (dump, selective collection, etc.).
In doing so, you will participate in the "Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment reuse and development scheme"
which will help prevent potential effects on the environment and human health.
The purpose of the International ENERGY STAR
and popularization of energy-efficient office equipment.
meets the ENERGY STAR
Your machine will be delivered with the timer for switching to Power Save Mode from the last
copy/print out, set at 5 or 15 minutes, depending on the model. A more detailed description of
this feature can be found in the Machine Setup Section of this guide.
Partner, Sagem Communications has determined that this product
guidelines for energy efficiency.
- 5 -
Program is to promote the development


Table of Contents

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