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  • Page 1 PHILIPS...
  • Page 2: Description Of The Machine

    Description of the machine paper tray paper feeder scanner cover control panel paper exit tray Symbols on the display Selected options will be highlighted with an arrow (»). Resolution: f for text and graphics % for very small print and graphics F for photographs If none of the three arrow symbols (d) in the left-hand part of the display is marked with a §...
  • Page 3: Overview Of Functions

    Overview of functions M to select functions C return to OK confi rm previous selec- menu; to tion delete K colour copy / choose between Á scan options; move the X stop; return w help cursor on the display to stand-by mode K black-and-white copy L redial...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Scan to PC Á ......24 Inserting a document..........24 Scanning a document .........24 Safety instructions....5 Print.........26 Installation .......6 SMS..........28 Unpacking .............6 Set-up ..............6 Sending an SMS » ........28 Loading paper............6 Receiving an SMS ..........28 Connections ............7 Advanced settings ....29 Additional devices..........7 Power supply............9 Settings list ............29 Country selection ..........9...
  • Page 5: Safety Instructions

    Place the MF-JET Your MF-JET 450 is only intended for use in the 450 at least 10 cm away from other electrical de- country in which it was purchased. It may only vices and objects.
  • Page 6: Installation

    ( standard format is A4 210×297 mm, 80 g/m²). Follow the instructions of the manufacturer. v Do not load paper while the MF-JET 450 installation guide is printing! In the event of a paper jam see chapter Hints and tips / Paper jam.
  • Page 7: Connections

    1 To prevent several sheets being drawn into Next connect the telephone plug to the line socket on the wall. the machine at once, fi rst fan out the paper to separate the sheets and then straighten the In the UK stack on a fl...
  • Page 8 Same socket Separate sockets You can connect additional devices to the same You can connect additional devices to separate telephone socket. Make sure the multifunctional sockets on the same line even if they are in dif- machine is the fi rst device connected to the line. ferent rooms.
  • Page 9: Power Supply

    2 Press the lever in the middle of the cartridge holder to open the holder. Connect the power supply unit to the back of your MF-JET 450 (at the side), then use the mains cable to connect the power supply unit to the mains.
  • Page 10: Cartridge Alignment

    2004, 4:30 p. m. colour cartridge. PC connection v First install the software. Connect the MF-JET 450 to the PC with a USB cable only when instructed to do so by the installation program. Minimum configuration Your PC must have the following minimum con- fi...
  • Page 11 Logo testing, choose “Yes”. v In this setting, “Acrobat Reader” must also v Your multifunctional device has been be installed separately. tested for PHILIPS and is fully compat- ible with Windows 3 After “Photo Impression” has automatically ® installed you will be asked to accept the terms 6 Follow the instructions on the screen, and and conditions of the licence.
  • Page 12 7 Click on “Next” to confi rm. The installation program will automatically search for a suit- able driver for your MF-JET 450. You can restart your PC at a later date so you can fi nish working in any programs that are still running.
  • Page 13: Operating Instructions

    3 Select a product by clicking on relevant but- If you agree with the suggested directory name, click on “Next”. ton. Example: Installing “Photo Impression”: To complete the installation process for “Photo Impression”, click on “Finish”. Click “Next” and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Page 14 Contents of the installation CD After the PC has restarted, the uninstall op- eration is completed with “Paper Port”. You To fi nd out what’s on the installation CD, click can choose “Repair” or “Remove”. Follow on the “Browse contents” button in the start the instructions on the screen.
  • Page 15: Settings

    If you connect the MF-JET 450 to a PABX, you tion 21 and 22. can set the prefi x for an outside line.
  • Page 16: Additional Telephone

    Additional telephone If you have connected an additional tele- phone to the same telephone line (see chapter Installation / Additional devices), you can ad- just the number of rings you will hear when there is an incoming call. 1 Press M, 2912 and OK. 2 Change the value (3, 4 or 5) and press OK.
  • Page 17: Directory

    If you wish to modify this number, you may do so. Confi rm with OK. Modify The memory in your MF-JET 450 can store about 200 names and number. The precise number de- 1 Press M, 13 and OK.
  • Page 18 You can edit groups in the register window named “List”.
  • Page 19: Fax

    3 Press Y to start the transmission. Redial L The last ten numbers dialled on the MF-JET 450 will be stored in the redial memory. 1 Insert a document. 2 Press L as often as necessary. When the de-...
  • Page 20: Resolution F%F

    If there is no more paper in the feeder or if the cartridge is empty, incoming faxes will be stored The MF-JET 450 can print a send report every in memory (storage capacity approx. 50 pages). time you have sent a document. This way you are If the memory is full, no further pages can be given confi...
  • Page 21: Delayed Transmission

    (e. g. 17 30 for 5:30 p. m.) and press Polling transmission You may place a document in your MF-JET 450 and make it available to one or more recipients who can obtain a fax of this document by calling your MF-JET 450 with the polling function.
  • Page 22: Copy

    3 Enter the desired number of copies and press NUMBER OF COPIES 4 The copying quality of the MF-JET 450 is higher than the resolution used for fax trans- mission. If necessary, change the default setting with / or f%F: »RESOL.:normal 2 Place the document face down onto the scanner glass.
  • Page 23 By entering new values of x and y given in millimetres, you will move the scanning zone as shown on the fi gure below. Confi rm the entries with OK. ORIGIN 7 If the document is too light or too dark, you may change the scanning contrast.
  • Page 24: Scan To Pc Á

    If your machine produces horizontal strips, the scanner may be blocked (see chapter Hints & tips / Horizontal You can use the MF-JET 450 to scan documents stripes). and edit the document with a PC (see chapter Installation / PC connection).
  • Page 25 Variant 2 Variant 3 Clicking on the “One Touch” symbol in the To scan a document, open a graphic applica- menu bar on the bottom right of your PC screen tion (“Paper Port” or “Photo Impression”) (next to the time) opens the following window: and choose the scan function.
  • Page 26: Print

    Print Select the paper type and the print quality. Select “Print” and choose the “MF-Inkjet” as your printer if it is not already set as the default device. Click on “Properties” to change the existing settings. Select the paper size, orientation and number of Click on “Settings”...
  • Page 27 During printing, the “Printer monitor” window is displayed showing the status of the printer. The layout of the printed documents also de- pends on the layout settings in the software you are using. For more details, refer to the documen- tation or help for that software.
  • Page 28: Sms

    You can send and receive SMS (Short Message 4 Press » to send your message. Service) messages with your multifunctional ma- chine. Your MF-JET 450 has been pre-set to use Several recipients À the SMS service in your country. If it does not work correctly, please contact your SMS service 1 Press »...
  • Page 29: Advanced Settings

    Settings list Your SMS service provider will provide the num- bers you need. You may print a list of your MF-JET 450’s pa- rameter settings to monitor any changes made to SMS emission the default parameters! 1 Press M, 4611 and OK.
  • Page 30: Scan Settings

    Scan settings With the following functions you can change the factory defaults: M, 271, OK—Resolution M, 272, OK—Zooming M, 273, OK—Origin M, 274, OK—Contrast M, 275, OK—Saturation Saturation is the colour judged in proportion to its brightness: closer to - is greyer, + has greater saturation.
  • Page 31: Hints & Tips

    Hints & tips Before you call the technical service If you can’t solve your problem with the propos- als above, please unplug your MF-JET 450 from Paper jam the mains and reconnect it after a few minutes. In case of a paper jam, try to pull out the paper.
  • Page 32: Cartridge Capacity

    3 Open the cartridge holder. 9 Insert the chip card “ Plug’n’Print” with the contacts facing up into the slot below the control panel to update the cartridge infor- mation. 4 Remove the empty cartridge. 5 Take the ink cartridge out of its packaging and remove the protective strip.
  • Page 33: Lock

    Do not allow any moisture to penetrate inside the device. You can block access to the keypad for numbers or to the whole keyboard of your MF-JET 450. Cleaning the scanner glass Entering the code 1 Open the scanner cover.
  • Page 34 2 Carefully wipe the scanner glass (A) with a 2 Place a lint-free cloth on a smooth surface. fl uff-free cloth. Moisten half of the cloth (A). Hold the cloth fi rmly to prevent creasing. Place the nozzle end of the cartridge on the moistened half (A) and move the cartridge in the direction of the arrow (B) into the dry half (C).
  • Page 35: Appendix

    Appendix 35 MANUAL CALL .......... 31 Manual fax transmission SMS Service Functions list 41 SEND SMS ............ 28 Press M, 51 and OK to print a function list. Send an SMS message 42 READ SMS............ 28 Directory Read SMS messages 11 ADD NAME..........
  • Page 36: Technical Settings

    Feed paper through the mechanism Printing speed b/w: up to 13 pages/ minute Technical settings colour: up to 7 pages/ minute Your MF-JET 450 is delivered with factory-de- Printing width 203.2 mm fault settings. Printing length b/w: 284.3 mm colour: 279.1 mm...
  • Page 37 In order to apply the guarantee, you should · repair or maintenance of the equipment by contact your dealer. Proof of purchase will be persons not authorised by SAGEM; or required. Should malfunctioning arise, the dealer • wear and tear from normal daily use of the will advise you what to do.
  • Page 38: Index

    Index loading paper 6 power supply 6, 9 lock 33 printer settings 30 date and time 15 entering the code 33 printing 26 delayed transmission 21 locking numbers 33 number of copies 26 delete locking the keyboard paper size 26 Acrobat Reader 10 key 3 paper type 26...
  • Page 39 sorted printing 29 sorted sending 29 speaker 31 stand-by mode 3, 15 standard copy 22 start 3 starter card Plug’n’Print 6, 10 stop 3 stripes 31 technical data 36 technical service 31 technical settings 36 telephone book. see di- rectory A-Z telephone cable 6 telephone socket 8 text input 3...
  • Page 40: Declaration Of Conformity

    (DoC) about the corresponding recycling demands of your SAGEM Communication Hereby, country. Austria GmbH, declares that this PHILIPS MFP 450 is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. E-mail: Should you require a copy of the original DoC, please visit our web site.

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