Command Panel; Accessing Terminal Menus - Philips LASERMFD LFF 6020 User Manual

Philips multi-function printer user manual
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Table of Contents

Command panel

1. Screen.
2. Digital keypad.
3. Key
: document analysis to the PC or a media
(USB key).
4. Key
: local copy.
5. Key
: stops the current PC print job.
6. Key
: Validation.
7. Key OK: confirms the displayed selection.
8. Key
: menu access and navigation down the menus.
9. Key C: back to the previous menu and input correction.
10. Key
: navigation up the menus.

Accessing terminal menus

All terminal functions and settings are available via the menu and are associated to a specific menu command.
For example, the menu command 51 launches the printing of the functions list (the functions list stores the list of all
terminal menus, sub-menus and their identification number).
Two methods are available to access menu items: the step by step method or the shortcut method.
To print the functions list with the Step by step method:
1 Press
2 Use the
button to browse the menu and select 5 - P
3 Use the
button to browse the menu P
To print the functions list with the shortcut method:
1 Press
2 Enter 51 with the numerical keypad to directly print the functions list.
11. Key
: stops the current operation.
12. Key
: sets up the activation delay and toner save in
copy mode.
13. Key
: access to print menu (print functions list,
machine settings, etc.).
14. Key
: analysis resolution setup.
15. Key
: contrast setup.
16. Icon
: resolution "Quality Text".
17. Icon
: resolution "Photo".
18. Icon
: resolution "Text".
19. Icon
: colour mode.
. Confirm with OK.
and select 51-F
- 13 -
. Confirm with OK.


Table of Contents

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