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Disposal Instructions; Troubleshooting - KRAUSE & BECKER 60600 Owner's Manual

Airless paint sprayer.
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if Sprayer is not properly cleaned immediately after every use.
Clean Sprayer immediately to prevent permanent damage.

Disposal Instructions

Improper disposal of paint is against the law and a health and environmental hazard.
Dispose of paint through local recycling facility. Visit to find a facility near you.


Pump will not prime.
Decreased output.
Inconsistent paint flow,
blobs and splatters.
Paint surface is bumpy or
has orange peel texture.
Paint sags or runs.
Blotchy surface (blushing)
or uneven color.
Spots on surface
with light center (fish eyes).
Spots on surface with dark
center (contamination).
ITEM 60600
Possible Causes
Insufficient cleaning left
input valve clogged.
Obstructed trigger.
1. Clogged Spray Tip or
damaged/clogged Fluid Filter.
2. Contaminated paint.
1. Paint is applied too thick.
2. Incorrect paint volume.
3. Paint gun too far from paint
surface during spraying.
1. Excess thinning of paint.
2. Paint applied too thick.
3. Paint gun too close
to work surface.
4. Uneven or hesitant
motion of spray gun.
5. Excess overlapping of
each spray stroke.
1. Paint dries too slowly.
2. Uneven paint application.
3. Work material absorbs
paint unevenly.
1. Paint mixture too thin.
2. Improper primer or
incompatible surface.
3. Surface contamination.
1. Dust or dirt on surface.
2. Insufficiently sanded.
3. Raised grain.
For technical questions, please call 1-888-866-5797.
Likely Solutions
Press the red inlet release button underneath
the pump to loosen the inlet check ball.
Clean around trigger to ensure movement.
1. Clean, adjust or replace Spray Tip or Fluid Filter.
2. Remove paint and filter it.
1. Paint must be thinned properly before spraying.
2. Adjust Fluid Control Knob.
3. Hold spray gun closer to surface during spraying.
1. Recheck paint viscosity.
Add unmixed paint to thicken mixture.
2. Apply thinner coats, allowing paint
to get tacky between coats.
3. Move spray gun further back from paint
surface when applying paint.
4. Keep spray gun moving during painting.
Hesitations can cause sags or runs.
5. Overlap each stroke to keep the coverage even,
but be aware that you are adding
coat thickness by overlapping.
1. Use less thinner or add a drier.
2. Start each stroke off the work material
and overlap each stroke consistently.
3. Use a conditioner or sealer coat
before applying the finish coat.
1. Add undiluted paint to thicken mixture.
2. Check manufacturer's recommendations
for primer or compatible surfaces.
3. Clean surface thoroughly with
thinner before applying paint.
1. Clean surface with compressed air
or tack cloth before painting.
2. Sand wood to a sufficiently fine grit before painting.
3. Wipe wood surface with thinner to raise grain,
then sand with fine grit to knock off "hairs".
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Table of Contents

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