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Detaching And Refitting The Rails; Folding Down The Grill Element; Detaching And Attaching The Oven Door - Siemens HB30GB.50 Instruction Manual

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Cleaning agents
Telescopic shelves Hot soapy water:
Clean with a dish cloth or a brush. Do
not soak or clean in the dishwasher.
Hot soapy water:
Soak and clean with a dish cloth or
Cleaning the self-cleaning surfaces in the cooking
The back wall in the cooking compartment is coated with a
highly porous ceramic layer. This coating absorbs and
disintegrates splashes from baking and roasting while the oven
is in operation. The higher the temperature and the longer the
oven is in operation, the better the result will be.
If splashes are still visible even after repeated use, proceed as
Clean the floor, ceiling and side panels of the cooking
compartment thoroughly.
3D hot air.
With the door closed, heat up the empty oven for
approximately 2 hours at maximum temperature.
The ceramic coating is regenerated. When the cooking
compartment has cooled down, remove the brown or white
residue with water and a soft sponge.
Light discolouration of the coating does not affect automatic
Never use abrasive cleaning agents. You will scratch or
destroy the highly porous coating.
Never treat the ceramic coating with oven cleaner. If oven
cleaner accidentally gets onto it, remove it immediately with a
sponge and plenty of water.
Cleaning the cooking compartment floor, ceiling and side
Use a dish cloth and hot soapy water or a vinegar solution.
If there are heavy deposits of dirt, use a stainless steel scouring
pad or oven cleaner. Only use when the cooking compartment
is cold. Never treat the self-cleaning surfaces with a scouring
pad or oven cleaner.

Detaching and refitting the rails

The rails can be removed for cleaning. The oven must have
cooled down.
Detaching the rails
Lift up the front of the rail
and unhook it (figure A).
Then pull the whole rail forward
and remove it (Fig. B).

Clean the rails with cleaning agent and a sponge. For stubborn
deposits of dirt, use a brush.

Refitting the rails
First insert the rail into the rear socket, press it to the back
slightly (figure A),
and then hook it into the front socket (figure B).
The rails fit both the left and right sides. Ensure that, as shown
in figure B, levels 1 and 2 are below and levels 3, 4 and 5 are

Folding down the grill element

You can fold down the grill element to clean the ceiling.
Risk of burns!
The oven must be cold.
Hold the grill element and pull the handle forwards until it
clicks audibly in place (figure A).
Fold the grill element downwards (figure B).
After cleaning, fold the grill element back up and hold it.
Pull the handle downwards until it clicks audibly into place.

Detaching and attaching the oven door

For cleaning purposes and to remove the door panels, you can
detach the oven door.
The oven door hinges each have a locking lever. When the
locking levers are closed (figure A), the oven door is secured in
place. It cannot be detached. When the locking levers are open
in order to detach the oven door (Fig. B), the hinges are locked.
They cannot snap shut.
Risk of injury!
Whenever the hinges are not locked, they snap shut with great
force. Ensure that the locking levers are always fully closed or,
when detaching the oven door, fully open.