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Temperature Selector; Cooking Compartment; Your Accessories; Inserting Accessories - Siemens HB30GB.50 Instruction Manual

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Pizza setting
Hot air grilling
Grill, large area
Grill, small area
Bottom heating
Rapid heating
Oven light
* Type of heating used to determine the energy efficiency class
in accordance with EN50304.
When you make settings, the indicator lamp above the function
selector lights up. The oven light in the cooking compartment
switches on.

Your accessories

The accessories supplied with your appliance are suitable for
making many meals. Ensure that you always insert the
accessories into the cooking compartment the right way round.
There is also a selection of optional accessories, with which
you can improve on some of your favourite dishes, or simply to
make working with your oven more convenient.

Inserting accessories

You can insert the accessories into the cooking compartment
at 5 different levels. Always insert them as far as they will go so
that the accessories do not touch the door panel.

The accessories can be pulled out approximately halfway until
they lock in place. This allows dishes to be removed easily.
For the quick preparation of frozen
products without preheating,
e.g. pizza, chips or strudel. The
bottom heating element and the
ring heating element in the back
panel heat up.
For roasting meat, poultry and
whole fish. The grill element and
the fan switch on and off alter-
nately. The fan causes the hot air
to circulate around the dish.
For grilling steaks, sausages,
bread and pieces of fish. The
whole area below the grill heating
element becomes hot.
For grilling small amounts of
steaks, sausages, bread and
pieces of fish. The centre part of
the grill element becomes hot.
For preserving, browning and final
baking stage. The heat is emitted
from below.
For defrosting, e.g. meat, poultry,
bread and cakes. The fan causes
the warm air to circulate around
the dish.
For rapid preheating of the oven
without accessories.
Switches on the oven light.

Temperature selector

The temperature selector is used to set the temperature or grill
Off position
Grill settings
When the oven is heating, the indicator lamp above the
temperature selector lights up. It goes out during heating
pauses. The lamp does not light up for the

Cooking compartment

The oven light is located in the cooking compartment. A cooling
fan protects the oven from overheating.
Oven light
During operation, the oven light in the cooking compartment is
on. The
setting on the function selector can be used to
switch on the light without heating the oven.
Cooling fan
The cooling fan switches on and off as required. The hot air
escapes above the door. Caution: do not cover the ventilation
slots. Otherwise the oven will overheat.
So that the cooking compartment cools down more quickly
after operation, the cooling fan continues to run for a certain
period afterwards.
When sliding the accessories into the cooking compartment,
ensure that the indentation is at the back. They can only lock in
place from this position.
Note: The accessories may deform when they become hot.
Once they cool down again, they regain their original shape.
This does not affect their operation.
You can buy accessories from the after-sales service, from
specialist retailers or online. Please specify the HZ number.
The oven does not heat up.
The temperature in the cooking
compartment in °C.
The grill settings for the small
and large
area grills.
= setting 1, low
= setting 2, medium
= setting 3, high
Defrost type of
Wire rack
For ovenware, cake tins, joints,
grilled items and frozen meals.
Insert the wire rack with the open
side facing the oven door and the
curvature pointing downwards