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Loading Your Dishwasher - Westinghouse WSF6608 User Manual

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Correctly loaded dishes will result in the best energy
consumption, washing and drying performance There
are two separate baskets for you to load your dishes into
your machine You can load into the lower basket round
and deep items as pots with long handles, pot lids, plates,
salad plates and cutlery sets
The upper basket has been designed for tea plates,
dessert plates, salad bowls, cups and glasses When
placing long-stem glasses and goblets, lean them against
the basket edge, rack or glass support wire and not
against other items Do not lean long glasses against one
another if they are unsupported, they may break It is more
appropriate to locate the thin narrow parts into the middle
sections of baskets You can place spoons among the
other cutlery sets in order to prevent them from sticking to
one another You are recommended to use the cutlery grid
in order to obtain the best result To avoid any possible
injuries, always place such long-handle and sharp-pointed
items such as serving forks, bread knives etc with their
sharp points facing down or horizontally on the baskets
Ensure the position of the dishware does not prevent the
upper or lower spray arm from turning
Top basket cup rack
These racks are designed to increase the capacity of the
top basket You can place your glasses and cups on the
racks You can adjust the height of these racks Thanks to
this feature, you can place different sizes of glasses under
these racks The cup racks can be adjusted to 3 height
positions In addition, you can place long forks, knives
and spoons horizontally, so that they do not block the
rotation of the spray arm
Top basket folding supports
Foldable tines (or prongs) on the upper basket are
designed to let you place big items easier such as pots,
pans, etc If required, each set of tines can be folded
separately, or all of them can be folded and larger spaces
can be obtained You can use foldable tines in the upright
position, or by folding down
Top basket height adjustment while it is full
Basket height adjustment mechanism on the top basket of
your machine is designed to let you adjust the height of
your top basket (refer to diagram
) downwards, without removing it from your
machine when it is full, to create more space at the top or
bottom area of your machine as needed Basket of your
machine is set to upper position in factory settings
In order to raise your basket, hold it from both sides and
pull it upwards In order to lower it, hold it from both sides
again, pull upwards then lower carefully
Make sure that both sides are in the same position
(up or down)
) upwards or (refer to

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